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Before launching DejaView News I was a regularly credited tipster.

Provided scoop to What’s on Netflix that Galavant was leaving.

Provided scoop to What’s on Disney+ that Old Dogs had left as well as numerous similar scoops over the past few year.

and many others.

DejaView News has been credited countless times by numerous sources with over 20 credits at, multiple at Disney+ Informer,, What’s On Netflix, What’s on Disney+, and What’s On Paramount+. (All 3 “What’s On _” sites are different people / teams.)

Miscellaneous Quirks

Added to Amazon Alexa as a notable person.

Ask “Alexa, who is Drew C. Ryan?” and she’ll answer. There are celebrities she doesn’t even recognize.

Google Knowledge Panel

Deemed “notable” by Google Search. There are celebrities and many journalists without Knowledge Panels.

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Mentions & Interviews

Drew Ryan has been featured around the internet as well, mostly for his previous work on YouTube:

Featured in Buzzfeed’s “20 Brilliant YouTubers to Watch in 2016”

Writer Michael Noker was kind enough to mention my work supporting women with the #HeForShe project, Reel Geek Girls! Read here!

Feature on Reel Geek Girls in Geekland Mag (2017)

The site appears to be down.

Spotlighted on Faces for Radio Episode 9

I discuss building a Twitter channel, Follow4Follow & Like4Like groups. We inevitably delve into the darker side of building a Twitter following, and I give some tips and tricks on generating a REAL and ENGAGED audience via Twitter. (Video no longer available.)

Rachel Skarsten Fan Podcast

Listen here! Talking about building a Twitter community, marketing shows via social media, and supporting the brands of verified Twitter users. And yes, Rachel Skarsten.

Shannon A. Thompson blog

Various recommendations and testimonials courtesy best-selling author Shannon A. Thompson whom I have collaborated with in the past year. Link here

Featured in a Buzzfeed “Top Post” by Editor (2013)

Well, this sucks 🙁 The site that hosted the meme of me is gone.

Twitter account featured on Selfie TV episode (2014)

Selfie deserved better!

Featured on Doctor Who website (2015)

Tweet selected to feature on Doctor Who special – The Doctor’s Notes – Hell Bent (2016)

Featured in Bustle article (April 2016)

Sadly, the article no longer displays my tweet as my old account is deleted. ProTip: Always screenshot tweets and link to the original in articles so images don’t disappear if they are deleted.

Featured in Buzzfeed article (July 2016)

Inspired a Bustle article (2017)

Featured in Kingdom Insider Article (2018)

I was so unhappy! haha But it worked out!

Created Facebook Page For BBCAmerica

Almost Royal FB Page

I created a fansite for BBC America show Almost Royal. After amassing followers I contacted them to ask if they would be interested in running it officially and they agreed to make the transfer.