All 65 Episodes Of ‘Pepper Ann’ Now Streaming on Disney+

All Pepper Ann Now on Disney Plus

After roughly one year Disney has finally added a new pre-2000 cartoon! Pepper Ann is the first animated Disney series created by woman and it’s finally available digitally for the first time in its existence! Pepper Ann premiered along with ABC’s hallowed One Saturday Morning cartoon block way back in 1997 and with it now streaming on Disney+ about half of that library is present. Another 1 or 2 titles and Disney+ may even add a One Saturday Morning collection.

Fun story: Disney promoted the show in their list of upcoming titles they send to the press as “Pepper Ann (Seasons 1-3).” The series is known to fans as 5 seasons and so immediately people were worried that half the series would be missing. That same day “Pepper Ann” trended on Twitter and it said on the trending description “the first 3 seasons are coming to Disney+.” Variety reported that as well and said “no news on seasons 4-5.”

Well, we’ve been covering Disney long enough to know that their classic cartoon seasons often get merged when they add them. As a result we suspected Disney would indeed add the full series. We reached out to their communications team seeking clarification on whether all episodes would be present or just half. We explained the common situation and asked them to help us so we could properly promote the series and quell the negative reactions from people disappointed some seasons were missing.

Weirdly, they did not respond and today the series went up in full, as we suspected. Just now USA Today published an article announcing its arrival and said this:

“The first three seasons premiered simultaneously on Disney+, but there is no news yet regarding when seasons 4 and 5 will arrive on the streamer.”

USA Today

Disney, my friends, we were looking out for you! Don’t fear us here at DejaViewstream. Now misinformation is being spread. We wanted to help silence this talk before the series even got added. We pride ourselves here on thorough investigations and fact-checking, it’s something that sets us apart from other fan-run sites who just report things as is and don’t ask questions. We want to help spread true info – not misinformation.

Anyway, we’re running a poll to see which of the remaining One Saturday Morning cartoons Disney should add next. Go leave your request and maybe Mr. Earley himself will see it!


The quirky adventures of a 12-year-old girl trying to get through life with her family and friends.


Are you excited to finally have Pepper Ann on Disney+? What do you hope they add next?

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