‘Bear In The Big Blue House’ Coming To Disney+ In 2022

bear in the big blue house coming to disney plus in

UPDATE September 20th: Bear in the Big Blue House is streaming on Disney+ beginning October 19th. Just in time for the 25th anniversary! The original article follows.

Today we welcome guest writer Liam to talk about their favorite series, Bear in the Big Blue House.

Is “Bear In The Big Blue House” Finally Coming To Disney+ In 2022?

Bear in the Big Blue House (C) 1997 Disney

There are a lot of rumors floating around that the hit preschool show, Bear In The Big Blue House, may be coming to Disney+ real soon.

Bear during the Defunctland Charityland Gives event

Recently, the YouTube channel, Defunctland, hosted by Kevin Perjurer, held an annual fundraiser event. During the livestream portion, they were joined by famous puppeteer, Noel MacNeal, who hinted that the hit preschool show, Bear In The Big Blue House, might come over to Disney+ soon. In it, Noel states, “In fact, 2021(2022) I believe is going to be a very good year. And if you have Disney+… be patient.” From that statement alone, we can all speculate that he is hinting that the show will come to Disney+ soon, or sometime in 2022, or he could be hinting at a possible reboot of the show is currently in the works at Disney. The link to the video is right here below. He says it at the 2:48:20 minute mark:

Bear In The Big Blue House is one of the most requested shows to be added to Disney+ since launch, and since then, desperate fans of the show have been very disappointed that their favorite show was not on there. This led to many petitions going around, and many social media posts requesting Disney to add the show. This also led to conspiracy theories that after it went off the air, it completely vanished from Disney’s head, but as of right now, it might be back in their heads after all.

Bear In The Big Blue House is one of Disney’s most beloved preschool shows of all time. It has since become a fan favorite over the years by many fans that grew up with it (including me). It was especially beloved by children with autism and special needs, and those kids still watch the show because of how kind and gentle the show is, and the calming nature of the show.

Bear in the Big Blue House logo

The show ran for 117 episodes across 4 seasons on the now defunct preschool brand, Playhouse Disney (Disney Junior). It premiered on October 20, 1997, and ended its run on April 28th, 2006. Syndication of the show ended in May 2007. After this, the show would then fall into the lost territory of Disney. It was a very popular show during its run, which led to an attraction in Disney’s MGM Studios (Hollywood Studios), mall tours, so much merchandise, parade balloons, video games, home videos, guest appearances, a spin-off (Breakfast With Bear), and many more. So, it’s very strange as to why this show didn’t show up on Disney+ at launch because of its popularity.

Hopefully, we get Bear In The Big Blue House very soon since it is highly requested to be streaming on Disney+. Maybe we will see some other shows from that era of Disney like PB&J Otter, Stanley, or JoJo’s Circus sometime after. In 2021, we got titles like HigglyTown Heroes, Special Agent Oso, and Rolie Polie Olie (we thought that show wouldn’t be added since it’s owned by Nelvana up in Canada, and we thought Disney lost the rights to it), so we could expect more of the Disney Junior back-catalog in the next year or so like PB&J Otter, Stanley, and Jojo’s Circus. There were very few shows from that era that were added at launch like Out Of The Box and The Book Of Pooh. Maybe it will be like how we got Dinosaurs and The Muppet Show last year, like we get “Bear” in January, and in February, we get another muppet title. That has changed recently since we have a short schedule for January. Maybe Disney is not yet done digitizing each episode, and they have a few more to do so. Digitizing does take time to fix, but hopefully, they reworked every episode soon for Disney+.

Now, of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be more legacy titles in 2022 since Disney adds very little of them each month, but who knows? Maybe Disney knows something that we don’t know.

Maybe it will be like how we got Dinosaurs and The Muppet Show last year, like we get “Bear” in January, and in February, we get another muppet title, but

What do you think of Bear In The Big Blue House possibly coming to Disney+ soon? Maybe you want to relive the nostalgia of the show, or maybe you have kids of your own, and you want to show them the show, or maybe you just want it on there because you haven’t watched it yet. I know I would like to see this show because I loved this show growing up, so I am very excited to hear more news about it, and I hope you are excited too.

If you want to find out more about Bear In The Big Blue House, click the video, also from Defunctland, below.

But wait! One more thing! Before you go, could we sing the goodbye song together… for old time’s sake?

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