[BREAKING] ‘Bunk’d’ Not Cancelled – Season 6 In Active Development

Bunk'd Renewed for Season 6

ICYMI – We scooped Raven’s Home Season 5 renewal and cast changes ~4 months before it was officially announced.

Back in August, Bunk’d ‘s record-setting (for Disney Channel) 5th season came to an end as the cast sang the theme song and the camera panned to the logo, zoomed in, and faded to black. Bunk’d was over forever.

…or so we thought.

Thanks to Production Weekly we now know that Bunk’d Season 6 is in “active development.” What this means is… they’re writing scripts, considering cast changes, pitching the network their plans… things like that. The series could be renewed already. It could also be “in consideration.” “Active development” does not guarantee renewal.

Bunk’d Season 5 Cast (C) 2020 DMED / Disney Channel

In the past Production Weekly shared information on Dash & Lily season 2. Despite the quality of Netflix’s adorable series, they pulled the plug and season 2’s development was thrown out the window. Luke Cage season 3 had a full writer’s room before Disney / Netflix pulled the plug.

We aren’t reporting this as a renewal until it’s confirmed and if anyone does just know that their journalism needs work. Still, we think at this point it’s all but guaranteed and you all deserve to know! Disney clearly wasn’t done and still wants more.

The finale set-up series stand-out Mallory James Mahoney’s Destiny for a promotion to counselor. If she does return, we pitch that season 6 sees a 2 year-time jump which would bring her character’s age closer to her real life age and also help explain away any other departures. However, just yesterday via Instagram she suggested she was on to a new role.

Mallory James Mahoney’s new Instagram Photo – Will she appear in Bunk’d Season 6?

Unfortunately a renewal means that this title will remain on Netflix EVEN longer still as Bunk’d CANNOT leave Netflix until 5 years after the final season is added. We’d rather they did a spin-off we discussed with someone via Twitter – Destiny’s Calling (her high school experience). Why let Netflix continue to stream one of your most successful series ever so many years after all other Disney content will have departed?

Stay tuned for more information, including any information on cast departures or new directions.

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