Christmas…Again?! (2021) Sneak Peek Released – New Disney Channel Original Movie Starring Scarlett Estevez

Christmas Again poster

Far from the mosquitos and sweat of Camp Kikiwaka, Scarlett Estevez has found a new role for Disney Channel as the lead in the DCOM Christmas…Again?!, coming this December. This should be a Disney+ Original. Disney Branded TV execs concerning decision to keep feeding majority of content to linear channels in the USA aside – it looks very cute.

Scarlett Estevez returned to Bunk’d for “Crushin It” on July 2, 2021. / Image (C) 2021 Disney Channel / DisneyBrandTVPR Twitter)

With Scarlett’s new series Ultra Violet and the Blue Demon also expected to premiere this year, it looks like Disney has found their next big “star.” Grown ups without kids who watch Bunk’d (2015) on repeat might recognize Scarlett from her role as Trixie in Lucifer (2016).

Despite all previous DCOMS taking 6 months to arrive on Disney+, it’s highly likely Disney is finally prepared to shorten the release window the same way they’ve collapsed the window on theatrical films and Disney Channel original series. I expect this film on Disney+ within a week of Disney Channel’s premiere in December. Holding it until next Christmas would be pretty weird. We should know more about possible new DCOM windowing after Spin (2021) releases August 13th.

Christmas Again poster
Christmas Again Book Cover


A high-spirited 11-year-old hoping to add more spunk to her Christmas celebrations when her parent’s divorce is going anything but smoothly.

Sneak Peek:

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