Disney Channel Announces Ultra Violet And Black Scorpion

Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion

Well, this is certainly unexpected. Disney Channel announced yesterday that Scarlett Estevez would be starring in their next live-action scripted series Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion. If you’re getting a bit of deja vu… you’re not alone. Earlier this year Disney announced Ultra Violet and Blue Demon – a show produced by and starring professional wrestler Blue Demon Jr. They even include a similar photo (both below for comparison) featuring newly added actor J.R. Villarreal as Black Scorpion.

Interestingly enough the change happened back in June but nobody picked up on it. Then on July 13th a casting call went out using the new name. Fortunately for Scarlett the show found a new way to live on. I suspect it premieres this year alongside Scarlett’s upcoming DCOM Christmas…Again? (2021).

What Happened To Blue Demon Jr.?

Something definitely went down between the pilot and June because Blue Demon Jr is no longer involved despite having been attached as producer and star since January 2020! Yes, it’s been a long road to get here. I’ve been really excited about this series and I still am.

It’s just disappointing that the real life luchador / professional wrestler has been replaced by an actor with no wrestling experience. I get the vibe Disney decided authenticity wasn’t their concern (because they could have replaced him with a different wrestler) and Blue Demon Jr couldn’t stand by and watch his creation go another direction. Hopefully this wasn’t “Corporate Mouse” letting “creative differences” dampen his dream. That never happens.

Are you looking forward to this superhero wrestling show? What do you think of the name change?

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