Disney Plus Forgot To Add ‘Mira, Royal Detective’ Season 2, Episode 15 For Second Time

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Fans were excited to finally see more episodes of Mira, Royal Detective added to Disney+ Wednesday, May 11th. Despite the in-season episode batch strategy utilized for most Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD series ensuring new episode batches every other month with amounts ranging from 3-8 episodes, Disney+ allowed 12 episodes to pile up over an 8-month period. Imagine fan’s surprises when they logged in on Wednesday morning and noticed that the episodes added were episodes 16-25. Where is episode 15, “The Case of the Secret Singing Star / The Mystery of the Missing Train”?

Disney+ somehow skipped episode 15 of MIRA, ROYAL DETECTIVE

This is not the first time Disney has done this. Believe it or not, episode 15 was originally scheduled for release on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021. While Disney promised 15 episodes on this day, only 14 arrived. This went relatively unnoticed and most assumed it would arrive with the next batch. Right around that time, they skipped over a few episodes of Chicken Squad before doubling-back and adding them a few weeks later.

Disney also forgot to add the last 8 episodes of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Season 8. Despite the first 10 coming last fall, the latter 8 remain lost for over half a year now. Disney removed them from NatGeoTV.com and changed the message there to imply the full season is streaming on Disney+. It’s not. When will Disney recognize they forgot half the season? We previously covered this problem, as it appears they fell through the cracks when Disney abandoned the “episode batch” strategy for National Geographic shows back in December.

WICKED TUNA: OUTER BANKS season 8 is only half added to Disney+. They still removed it from On-Demand and promote it as streaming on Disney_, which is only done when the full season has been added.

How You Can Help

We urge you to head to help.disneyplus.com and submit feedback. We ask you to use their live chat and phone options as well. Let them know (kindly) that you are not happy that they have left episodes off.

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