Disney+ Monthly Library Breakdown – December 2021

december library breakdown

UPDATE: Now includes the many changes present in the December 1st video and updated graphics. We used red text to show our newly added text. Massive glow up.

Disney+ Library Adds Per Month

Disney Plus December 2021 Library Adds Color Coded Chart
From 28 to 41 library titles in December between the initial press release and today, Dec 15. Talk about a glow up.

After a decent streak Disney has fallen back into yellow. However, we wouldn’t be shocked if they were to add a few more titles throughout December. So, about that... 🙂 They’ve been adding extra library titles lately although they tend to be cancelled out by the no-shows which have increased this year as Disney’s library management capabilities continue to be called into question. In fairness, Paramount+ has been averaging a despicable 3-5 no-shows a month. So hats off to Disney for being less of a mess.

Monthly Library Averages

Disney Plus December Monthly Averages
Disney+ added 352 library titles in 2020 and is poised to end 2021 with 334 additions. The monthly average in 2020 was 29.3. The monthly average in 2021 will be 28.20. It’s increased for 6 months in a row courtesy the inflation of library titles brought on by the “episode batches” strategy.

The monthly average in 2021 will be 26.75 28.20. It’s increased for 6 months in a row courtesy the inflation of library titles brought on by the “episode batches” strategy. Disney has fallen well short of their library titles added in 2020. One can’t help but be dismayed that the pandemic wasn’t enough for them to pick up the pace. They really have suffered in this way and thankfully the USA subscribers plateauing coupled with Wall Street turning a cold shoulder will hopefully wake them up a bit. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely they’ll choose to “fix it” by adding any additional library. As we’ve said in previous months, our generous decision to count episode batches as library titles inflated the overall number another 20 titles or so so this year really was a disappointment. No excuse for taking such a leap backwards only 1 year after launch.

We may re-assess how we identify library titles next year to no longer count titles from within the past year as “library.” Technically library titles are supposed to be older than “recent titles.” We’ve always used a simplified system. Our primary concern is changing the goal posts now makes previous information and comparisons less useful so we’re leaning towards carrying on status quo.

Past 3 Month’s Library Title Categories

41 catalog titles and 8 originals in December

It’s… a month, so once again the “Disney” streaming service sees Nat Geo on top. The extra added Disney Channel content and the shocking addition of a plethora of ABC content made this month almost completely balanced with the usual lack of Disney films (on Disney+) the only real thing missing. That, and vintage shorts, of course. And yet they still ended up shorting some titles. See our awesome National Geographic Library Progress for details, but for example, where are any episodes for Vets on the Beach or Lost Treasures of Egypt Seasons 2-3? Where is the relisting for the no-show title from November: Life Below Zero: Next Generation Season 3? This last one is still confusing to us.

Ongoing Bad Streaks

As usual, no good streaks. We’ve reformatted our “bad streaks” graphic a bit and are excited to introduce our new section made up of some streaks that used to be part of the previous graphic. Call this a spin-off, if you will. Introducing: Where’s Walt?

Where’s Walt?

Disney+ content team seems to hate Walt.

Answer: Not on (Walt) Disney+. Nothing more to say.

Disney Channel And Disney XD Missing Scripted Series Progress

8-month streak with no live-action Disney XD or Channel series. Horrible content management. New record.

As expected Disney has now surpassed their all-time record and gone 8 months without any of the many missing Disney XD and Disney Channel live-action series joining the service. This year they have added a shockingly low 5 total! In the past 15 months Disney added Disney Channel or XD scripted library in only 2 months! We continue to impatiently await major XD series such as Zeke & Luther (now streaming on Hulu and internationally – the only Disney Branded TV series on Hulu that they didn’t duplicate onto Disney+), I’m in the Band, Gamer’s Guide (Which streamed on DisneyNow from June 1 – October 1 before returning to the vault), and Aaron Stone (streaming via Disney+ Hotstar).

On the Disney Channel side we are still waiting for Cory In the House, PrankStars, Code 9, Win Lose, or Drew, The Jersey, Bear in the Big Blue House, and Honey I Shrink the Kids which streamed on Prime Video until January 1st, 2021 before going into the vault for the past year.

Here is a graphic listing the 5 major missing Disney Channel and XD scripted series from the past 20 years. Disney XD is down to 4, at least.

No changes this month from the top missing XD / Disney Channel titles.

Missing Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC, And Jetix Cartoon Progress

3-month streak of nothing. If this continues in January they’ll set another bad record.

Just like that, we’ve tied the all-time longest drought. Disney+, everyone! 👏👏👏 Reminder that Paramount+ has already added over 90 percent of Nickelodeon’s cartoons while Disney is missing about 50 percent of theirs.

No changes this month to the top cartoons missing.

Moving on..

Past 3 Month’s Library Titles Side-by-Side

Disney’s December is a surprisingly solid month! Let’s keep it going!

Final December Thoughts:

This month’s “main features” from the library are Encanto, Edward Scissorhands, and Christmas…Again? We can also add Ron’s Gone Wrong to that list.

This month’s “main feature” original is Hawkeye finale and Book of Boba Fett premiere!!

Christmas Content

After a solid November, Disney’s December Christmas additions are sort of weak. Rescued by surprise of Great Christmas Light Fight Season 9 and numerous ABC Christmas specials! Home Alone 4 and 5 arrive, but most countries got them in November in time for Home Sweet Home Alone. There is a new Disney Junior and new Disney Channel Original Movie coming. The DCOM will premiere on Disney+ prior to airing on TV at night. That’s awesome!

Despite leaving Prime Video this summer, Eloise at Christmastime did not show up on the list. Major bummer. Disney continues to not add the missing Christmas classics families want to watch like Snowed in at the House of Mouse, Eloise, and any Freeform Christmas movies. They are adding 15 to Hulu. Sigh.

Returning Titles

Ice Age is finally back from Starz and Hulu. Tron: Legacy is back from the weird 8-month absence it took. It never went anywhere.

Not really a returning title but Mr. Popper’s Penguins is finally coming after being falsely advertised for January 1st, 2021. You know, halfway through it’s stay on HBO.

Major Snubs

After blowing off Mickey Mouse’s birthday in November Disney blundered HARD by completely ignoring their founders 120th birthday. Honestly, we’re mad. So tacky. To honor him view our new “Where’s Walt” section above and submit feedback asking for titles from his lifetime to be added.

As we say every month – HBO gave up Jungle Book (1994) and Dick Tracy and Bridge to Terabithia (2007) early this year – they have been vaulted since. Seriously, c’mon! 3 solid Disney films waiting.

No-show from November, Life Below Zero: Next Generation (Season 3) did not get relisted. The other no-show, Disney’s Magic Bake-Off did get relisted. This will be the second month in a row that the 9th episode is delayed…

The 2019 Fox library continues to be inexplicably ignored. Somehow they can add the first 2019 film, The Kid Who Would Be King, but vault the other ones with exception of Dark Phoenix. Why such disrespect towards Alita: Battle Angel?

Sydney to the Max final season 3 episodes aren’t scheduled even though it started and ended same day as Gabby Duran season 2. They both had initial batches at the same time too. Weird. Just further proof their batch strategy is a mess. Consumers should not have to be confused about when episodes will arrive. Sydney to the Max Season 3 final episodes arrived December 8th!

Final Words

We were correct last month that Life Below Zero Season 17 and Gabby Duran‘s final season 2 episodes would arrive in December. Overall, the month is a decent goodbye to the year. Like all months it has a very tiny variety of titles and almost no library.

January 2022 Predictions:

We fully expect Vets on the Beach to receive a full season 1 drop. We also expect the rest of Dr. Oakley’s Yukon Vet season 10 and Wicked Tuna Outer Banks Season 8. Ideally they’d finally add Car SOS Season 9 and Lost Treasures of Egypt Seasons 2 and 3.

Miraculous Ladybug (Season 4), Mira: Royal Detective (Season 2), and Ghostforce (Season 1) should get batches as they’re the only ones that won’t be caught up. The Ghost and Molly McGee has also had a nonsense release strategy. We reiterate – the batch strategy has been poorly implemented thus far because there is no consistency to it. After starting 4 episodes ahead of TV we’re now behind some international countries… so we’d expect a batch of episodes. (This ended up getting added in the December video as well!)

With regards to Fox films we’ve pretty much given up but Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days could return from HBO and Robots could join after having left HBO recently.

Make your own predictions using our Missing Nat Geo (by date aired) and Missing Disney Channel / Junior pages.

We had to almost completely rewrite this after Disney decided to double their initial press release list. We’d like to pretend we’re the reason they did that haha. January list is within the next 3 days so let’s hope for insanely solid drops and variety.

What’s Coming To Disney+ December 2021

View via our Disney FYI Calendar or our NEW Next on Disney+ hub. We recommend bookmarking that page.

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