Disney Plus Overlooks Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month In May, No Library Scheduled

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Back in February we wrote an article about Disney “forgetting” Black History Month. The February list showed no signs of a celebration. Fortunately, that changed. On February 1st, Disney sent us a press release stacked with exciting new titles arriving on Disney+ including The Wonder Years, Blackish, and Clotilda: The Last American Slave Ship. Needless to say, we’re hoping this article conjures a repeat performance…

We are less versed on content that would honor Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, but we’re certain Disney has library available. There is no way that National Geographic doesn’t have tons of titles that would work. One show came to mind immediately as the percent choice to add:

Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat, created by Nahnatchka Khan, ran for 6 seasons from 2015 – 2020 and is loved by fans all over the world. The show ran concurrently to Blackish and in many ways did for Asian Americans what Blackish did for African Americans, allowing them to see a show on TV with a cast that looks like them and faces the same challenges they face.

The series currently streams on Hulu, but that didn’t stop Blackish, Grownish, and Wonder Years from breaking down those walls and becoming the first 3 ABC sitcoms to stream on both services. We think Fresh Off The Boat is a common sense choice to follow in those footsteps.

Asian Disney+ Originals

Another fantastic idea, courtesy ArzzielMarcena, would be to add originals created in Asian countries, by Asian creative staffs, and starring all-Asian casts. Surely there are plenty of options.

  • Rookie Cops
  • Grid
  • Outrun by Running Man
  • Blackpink: The Movie
  • Club Mickey Mouse (trailer below)

Just to name a few.

What do you think? What other films, series, or specials from Disney’s history would you hope to see in May?

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