Disney+ Snubs: October 2021

Disney+ October Library Snubs

We’re back for the 3rd installment of “Disney+ Snubs.” Each month after the “coming next month” list is released I’ll share the titles that are available or that have recently completed seasons that somehow didn’t make the list – AKA the SNUBS. Last month we saw The Simpsons Season 32 in the snubs, but they ended up adding it September 29th anyway, confirming our scoop.

You can use our Nat Geo Library Status page to predict what will arrive and identify your own snubs!

You can also utilize our Upcoming Disney Channel and Disney Junior batches page in a similar manner.

All Missing Library Related To Hispanic Heritage Month

Bia Season 2 has been streaming in Latin America for almost 1 year.

This include Bia (Season 2), the Soy Luna and Bia concert films, and more. Ridiculously enough, Bia season 1 came November 2020. We’re looking at a full year between seasons at the earliest. All episodes of season 2 have English subtitles.

Another title with English dub is Disney 11 which consists of 220 episodes! Disney continues to segregate international content, even when the timing is correct and the audio is dubbed.

All Walt Disney Worlds Specials

Despite being the 50th anniversary of Disney World, Disney+ added zero classic library or zero specials focusing on the park. Uber tacky. They didn’t even announce plans to bring over the ABC special airing in a week. We would have added The Muppets at Disney World.

Binny and the Ghost

Binny and the Ghost logo

A German Disney Channel series that is dubbed in English and available throughout Europe. Of course it wouldn’t get added for Halloween…

Under Wraps (1997)

Under Wraps poster

Despite the reboot arriving October 8th, the 1st DCOM remains MIA for the 2nd Hallowstream in a row.

More Missing Halloween Library

Mickey’s House of Villains (C) 2002 / Disney

Disney is not adding Watcher in the Wood’s, Mickey’s House of Villains, Something Wicked This Way Comes, or Ernest Scared Stupid!

Life Below Zero: Northern Territories (Season 1)

Life Below Zero: Northern Territories is missing from Disney+

The season 1 finale aired in March, but this Life Below Zero spin-off remains lost in the woods.

CAR SOS (Season 9)

Season 9 finale aired in June.

Spin (2021)

Spin is already streaming in India.

This incredible Disney Channel Original Movie that aired in August is being held back until November 12th. However, the plot thickens. Australia is getting it September 3rd. It makes sense since they don’t have Disney Channel but it could end up being a surprise add on September 3rd. If not, our November 12th date is accurate.

2019 Fox Films

The list of 2019 Fox films that have left HBO this year and went to the vault continues to grow.

The films currently waiting a streaming date are: Breakthrough, Alita: Battle Angel, Ad Astra, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and Ford vs Ferrari.

Disney Films That Left HBO This Spring

Dick Tracy, Bridge to Terabithia, and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book remain MIA. With Jason Lee Scott starring as Doogie Kamealoha‘s dad you’d think they’d want the Jungle Book where he plays Mowgli on the service.

The Jungle Book / Disney

All Vintage Animated Shorts, Serials, Specials, and Films (1920-1990)

Of course.

November will surely bring much more disappointment as Christmas-related holiday titles are left off the service and Disney+ Day fails to fill in the library gaps. We’ll have a full report on that late October!

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