[Breaking] Disney Plus Windows PC App Coming This Fall

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Update: Thank you to RC_32 on Twitter for letting me know that this is likely the app that appeared in the Windows 11 launch info way back in June!

Twitter user @DubbedUK has revealed that a Windows PC app for Disney+ is excepted to release in October or November, just in time for Windows 11 launch. At Disney Plus launch the streaming service became available on more apps and services than most of the other new streamers. Peacock and HBO Max infamously battled with Roku and Fire TV for about a year. While a Nintendo Switch app was rumored it never appeared. This comes from Nintendo’s strange decision to not release apps for streaming services with the exception of Hulu. Yes, even Netflix can not be streamed via Switch.

Nintendo Switch appears in this pre-launch graphic but an app never released.

Subscribers have been asking for a Windows app since launch as it’s the only real gap left in availability. Some may ask why it matters when you can stream content from DisneyPlus.com. Knowledge bomb time – streaming from the website is capped at 720p HD! This means the 1080p and 4k streams are downgraded.

This is the same way Netflix and other streaming services operate in an attempt to cut down on piracy. It’s kind of weird, to be honest, because it is not very effective, but at least this upcoming launch will allow people (college students, I guess?) that watch Disney+ on their laptop or PC monitors to see content the way they paid to see it.

Thanks to DubbedUK for this information. I recommend following him – he is very knowledgeable about upcoming release plans for international content.

Have you been waiting for a Windows app?

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