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Last Updated: Update coming in April 2023

In Year 4 of Disney+, which began in November, we see more of the same with DisneyNow hitting new heights in content quantity after 2 years of reduction. As of now, there are 83 titles EXCLUSIVE to DisneyNow and of those 83, 18 are acquired titles they licensed just to puff up DisneyNow’s catalog so they don’t count.

That leaves 65 titles, many of which would complete franchises available on Disney+. If it helps you visualize how awful this distribution strategy is, let this make it clearer: 10 of these titles are STAR WARS brand, 5 are Descendants brand, 4 are ZOMBIES brand, 4 are MARVEL brand, 3 are Big City Greens, and 1 is Minnie Mouse. That’s 27 out of 65 that really should be on Disney+ by now.

2023 Evolution of DisneyNow Catalog

DisneyNow Library January 2022

126 Tiles (Some tiles include additional titles via their title page, as in DuckTales also includes DuckTales (Shorts). Others are “Compilation” or “Collection” tiles, not an individual series or special.

DisneyNow Library May 3, 2022

119 Tiles

DisneyNow Library December 28, 2022

137 Tiles

Now, you can follow along and see all the content Disney still needs to add to Disney+ instead of streaming through antiquated DisneyNow. You’ll realize quickly when it comes to shorts Disney+ content team have a big problem. Note that a handful of these shorts series appear to be on temporary loan / license from outside studios and thus will never come to Disney+. In our opinion those are the only ones that should still be on DisneyNow! We also should mention that Disney+ has an ad-tier now, so if Disney Streaming did their job, DisneyNow would be phased out.

TitleTypeExpirationOn Disney+?
Alice’s Wonderland Bakery (Seasons 1-2)SeriesJune 1, 2023Yes
Amphibia (2 episodes)SeriesMay 1, 2023Yes
Amphibia Shorts (Wild Amphibia)ShortsUnknownNo
Amphibia Shorts (Vlog from the Bog)ShortsUnknownNo
Andi Mack (Part of Season 2)SeriesMay 1, 2023Yes (But barely any episodes, just like DisneyNow)
As Told By EmojiShortsUnknownNo
Be Your Best SnackdownShortsUnknownNo
Beyblade (Seasons 1-17) [ACQUIRED]SeriesBetween December 2023 and February 2024No
Big City Greens (Season 3)SeriesJune 24, 2023Yes
Big City Greens: The Greens’ Road TripShortJanuary 1, 2024No
Big City Greens: ShortsgivingSpecialDecember 4, 2023Yes
Big City Greens: ShortsmasSpecialDecember 4, 2023Yes
Big City Greens: ShortstoberSpecialDecember 4, 2023No
Big City Greens: ZOMBI-ThonSpecialAugust 21, 2024Yes
Big Hero 6: The SeriesShortsJanuary 1, 2024Yes
Big Hero 6: Baymax DreamsShortsJanuary 1, 2024Yes
Big Hero 6: Baymax and MochiShortsJanuary 1, 2024No — Outside USA, yes! 👎
Bizaardvark (Shorts)ShortsUnknownNo
Bluey (Season 3) [ACQUIRED]SeriesSeptember 1, 2023Yes
Broken Karaoke (Seasons 1-2)ShortsJuly 1, 2025Yes
Bucket’s List (Star Wars)ShortsUnknownNo
Bunk’d: Learning the Ropes (Season 6)SeriesJune 1, 2023No — Outside USA, yes! 👎 Thanks, Netflix!
Bunnytown (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo – On Disney+ Hotstar, yes!👎
Chibi Tiny Tales (Seasons 1-3)ShortsSeptember 1, 2023Yes
Chip n Dale’s Nutty Tales (Season 1)ShortsAugust 1, 2023Yes
Choo Choo Soul (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Chibiverse (Season 1)SeriesUnknownYes
Descendants 2: It’s Going DownSpecialApril 1, 2023No
Descendants 3 Music Video: Audrey’s Christmas RewindShortApril 1, 2023No
Descendants: Set it Off!SpecialApril 1, 2023No
Descendants: The Royal WeddingFilmApril 1, 2023Yes
Descendants: CarscendantsShortsUnknownNo
Descendants: Dance TutorialShortsUnknownNo
Descendants: Wicked World (Seasons 1-2)SeriesAugust 1, 2024Yes
Dino Ranch (Season 2)SeriesSeptember 1, 2023Yes
Dino Ranch: Meet __ (Shorts)ShortsUnknownNo
Disney Animals in the Funhouse (Seasons 1-4)ShortsNovember 1, 2023No
Disney Hall of VillainsSpecialOctober 14, 2024Yes
Disney Holiday Magic Quest 2021SpecialJanuary 1, 2024Yes
Disney Summer Magic Quest 2022SpecialJanuary 1, 2024Yes
Disney Junior Listos El PreescolarShortsAugust 1, 2023Yes
Disney Junior Music LullabiesShortsJune 1, 2023Yes
Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes (Seasons 1-2)ShortsDecember 2, 2023Yes
Disney Junior Music Ready for Preschool (Seasons 1-3)ShortsAugust 1, 2023Yes
Disney Magic MomentsShortsMay 1, 2023No
Disney Mickey MouseSeriesMarch 21, 2025Yes
Disney Princess RemixedSpecialJanuary 1, 2024Yes
Disney Ultimate Princess CelebrationCollection
DJ Melodies (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Doc McStuffins (Season 3)SeriesUnknown (Rolling Dates, 5 episodes at a time)Yes (Also on Hulu)
Doc McStuffins (Shorts)ShortsMay 18, 2024Yes
Doc McStuffins: The Doc is 10SpecialAugust 27, 2024Yes (Also on Hulu)
DuckTales (Season 3)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
DuckTales (Shorts)ShortsApril 1, 2024Yes
Eureka! (Season 1)SeriesMay 1, 2023Yes
Firebuds (Season 1)SeriesOctober 31, 2023Yes
The Ghost and Molly (Season 1)SeriesUnknown (Rolling Dates, 5 episodes at a time)Yes
Gigantosaurus: Dino News [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Gigantosaurus: Dino Myth Busters [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Gigantosaurus: Who’s The New Neighbor [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Gigantosaurus: Marsh’s Mash-Up [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Gravity Falls (Shorts)ShortsUnknownYes
Hamster & Gretel (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 1, 2024Yes
Handy Manny: School for Tools (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Holidays Unwrapped (2020)SpecialDecember 9, 2024No
How NOT to Draw

Inazuma Eleven Ares [ACQUIRED]
SeriesApril 1, 2023No
Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
KC Undercover (Season 3)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes (Also on Hulu)
KIFF Lab Rats (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Learn to Draw (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
LEGO Marvel Avengers Climate ConundrumSeriesJanuary 1, 2024No
LEGO Marvel Avengers Loki in TrainingSpecialJanuary 1, 2024No
LEGO Marvel Avengers Time TwistedSpecialUnknownNo
LEGO Star Wars: Celebrate the Season (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
LEGO Star Wars: FearShortsUnknownNo
Lion Guard (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Lion Guard: It’s UnBungalievable (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Little Einsteins (Season 1)
SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Marvel’s Ant-ManShortsUnknownYes
Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones (Season 1)ShortsJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Marvel Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight (Season 1)ShortsJune 21, 2023No
Marvel Funko (Seasons 1-2)ShortsJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends (Season 2)SeriesFebruary 1, 2024Yes
Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing FriendsShortsUnknownYes
Marvel Superhero Adventures (Seasons 1-4)SeriesJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Me & Mickey (Season 1)ShortsJune 2, 2024Yes
Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a ChristmasFilmJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Mickey Mouse Funhouse (Season 2)SeriesApril 1, 2024Yes
Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog TalesSeriesMarch 1, 2024Yes
Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Mickey Mouse: The Scariest Story EverSpecialMarch 21, 2025Yes
Mickey’s Mousekersize (Season 1)ShortsUnknownYes
Mickey Saves ChristmasFilmUnknownYes
Mickey’s Tale of Two WitchesFilmJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Minnie’s Bow-Toons (Seasons 1-3)ShortsApril 1, 2024Yes
Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Party Palace Pals (Seasons 1-2)ShortsApril 1, 2024Yes
Mira Royal Detective: We’re On The CaseShortsUnknownNo
Miraculous Ladybug (Season 5)SeriesJuly 1, 2023Yes
Miss Tilly’s Fun Time TV Minute (Big City Greens)ShortsUnknownNo
Molang [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Muppet Babies (Playdate)ShortsMarch 21, 2024Yes
Muppet Babies (Show and Tell)ShortsMarch 21, 2024Yes
Mysterious Benedict Society (Seasons 1-2)SeriesJanuary 6, 2023Yes
Nina Needs to Go (Season 1)ShortsJanuary 1, 2024No — On Disney+ Hotstar, yes! 👎
Owl House (Season 3)SeriesJune 1, 2023Yes
Phineas and Ferb (Season 1)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Piney the Lonesome Pine [ACQUIRED]SpecialJuly 2, 2024No
PJ Masks (Season 5) [ACQUIRED]SeriesUnknown (Rolling Dates, 5 episodes at a time)Yes
PJ Masks [ACQUIRED]ShortsMay 1, 2023Yes
PJ Masks (Music Videos) [ACQUIRED]ShortsMay 1, 2023No — Outside USA, yes! 👎
Positively Minnie (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Puppy Dog Pals (Season 5)SeriesFebruary 1, 2023Yes
Puppy Dog Pals: Playtime (Seasons 1-2)ShortsFebruary 1, 2023Yes
Random Rings (Seasons 1-3)ShortsMay 1, 2023Yes (Except Season 3👎)
Raven’s Home (Season 5)SeriesJanuary 2, 2023Yes
Raven’s Home: Far Away From Raven’s HomeShortJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Reimagine Tomorrow (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Rise Up, Sing OutShortsMarch 1, 2023Yes
Ruth & Ruby’s Virtual Sleepover (Seasons 1-2) – Returned in 2022…ShortsUnknownNo
Secrets of Sulphur Springs (Season 2)SeriesUnknown (Rolling Dates, 5 episodes at a time)Yes
Shake Your Tail with Chip n DaleShortsUnknownNo
Shanna’s Show (Seasons 1-3) (2003) – Fun fact: Oldest title on DisneyNow !!ShortsUnknownNo
Snack DownShortsUnknownNo
Snowsnaps [ACQUIRED]ShortsMarch 5, 2024No
Spookley the Square Pumpkin [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Spring Shorts-tacular with The Ghost and Molly McGeeSpecialMay 22, 2023No
Star Wars By the NumbersShortsUnknownNo
Star Wars Galactic BuildersShortsUnknownNo
Star Wars Galactic PalsShortsUnknownNo
Star Wars Galaxy of AdventuresShortsUnknownNo
Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun FactsShortsUnknownNo
Star Wars Galaxy of CreaturesShortsJan 1, 2023No
Star Wars In Under Five MinutesShortsUnknownNo
Star Wars Rebels (Season 1)ShortsUnknownYes
Sunny Bunnies [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Super Simple Songs [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Theme Song Takeover (Season 1)ShortsMarch 1, 2023No
TOTS (Season 3)SeriesJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Toon Bops [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
Tsum Tsum (Seasons 1-4)ShortsSeptember 1, 2023No — Outside USA, yes! 👎
Two More Eggs (Season 1)ShortsUnknownNo
Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion (Season 1)SeriesFebruary 10, 2023Yes
Under Wraps: Calling All The Monsters Music VideoShortsJanuary 1, 2023Yes
Under Wraps ShortsShortsUnknownNo
Under Wraps 2 ShortsShortsUnknownNo
Use Your Voice (Shorts)ShortsUnknownNo
Villains of Valley View (Season 1)SeriesMarch 3, 2023Yes
Walk The PrankShortsUnknownYes
Watch FreeCollection
Whisker Haven Tales (Seasons 1-3)ShortsJanuary 1, 2025No
Yo Kai Watch (Seasons 1-3) [ACQUIRED]SeriesDecember 29, 2023No
Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens (Season 1) [ACQUIRED]SeriesApril 1, 2023No
Yup Yups (Seasons 1-2) [ACQUIRED]ShortsUnknownNo
ZOMBIES ChallengesShortsUnknownNo
ZOMBIES 2: Werewolf TalesShortsUnknownNo
ZOMBIES 3 ShortsShortsUnknownNo
ZOMBIES: Addison’s Moonstone MysterySeriesMay 1, 2024Yes
ZOMBIES: Addison’s Monstery MysteryShortsMay 1, 2024Yes

Removed in 2022 Without Arriving on Disney+ USA:

  1. Owl House: Owl Pellets (Shorts) – Available on Disney+ outside USA
  2. Roman to the Rescue (Season 1) (Doesn’t count, acquired)
  3. Odd Couples (Doesn’t count, acquired)
  4. Big Block Singsong (Doesn’t count, acquired)
  5. Holly Hobbie (Doesn’t count, acquired)
  6. The Worst Witch (Doesn’t count, acquired)
  7. Pokemon (Doesn’t count, acquired)

Removed in 2023 Without Arriving on Disney+ USA:

  1. Discover Your Voice (Shorts)
  2. Cars: Rearview Replay (Shorts)
  3. Chuggington (Doesn’t count, acquired)
  4. Ghost Force (Season 1)
  5. Happy Holidays
  6. Fa La La Lidays