Disney Vault Classic ‘Zorro’ (Seasons 1-2); ‘Zeke & Luther’ Finally Coming To Disney+ September (In Brazil)

Zorro Coming to Disney+

The September list went out for Disney+ in Brazil and it has a few unexpected surprises. The black-and-white, 1957 classic Zorro is scheduled for release on September 29th. This is odd because back in March 2020 Zorro (Second Series) was listed for Disney+ USA via their “Coming in March” press release and many, many people were let down when it didn’t arrive. At the time people speculated it was the 90s Zorro series, but Sony holds the distribution rights so perhaps they meant season 2 of this series.

Zorro starred Guy Williams and ran from 1957 – 1959. Most recently, it played on Disney Channel during their “Vault Disney” block which sadly ended in 2002. In November 2009, the entire series saw release through the Disney Treasures DVD set, but it is now out of print.

Fun fact: The Zorro series is represented on Disney+ already as the 1958 film, The Sign of Zorro, added at launch, is 8 episodes edited together. There was a second compilation film that is still missing:

Zorro (1957) was black and white but this picture for D23 shows the reality. / Disney & D23.com

Why Only Brazil?

The long-awaited arrival of the first vintage series since launch in November 2019 going only to Brazil would be a strange situation so it’s possible the series is releasing wider and just didn’t make it to the USA’s “Coming in September” list last week. We’ve seen this happen before – a big title is announced for international Disney+ and people get upset, but then it shows up for USA as well. ANT Farm comes to mind as a prominent example of this and it also happened with Star Wars: Droids. This is because the USA list goes out first and it seems like in the 1-2 weeks between that and the lists for other countries new things get cleared and added.

It’s fantastic news that for the first time ever Zorro will be available to stream. Whether we get it in September or not, the addition to Brazil is sure to lead to more countries later this year. The hardest part is just getting it cleared for streaming and uploaded.

In addition to Zorro, Brazil has a listing for Marley & Me, a weepy 20th Century Fox film that has been unavailable to stream for over a year in the USA and Zeke & Luther, the first Disney XD live-action series and the only Disney XD series currently on Hulu that Disney did not duplicate over to Disney+. Hopefully this signals the impending arrival of those titles shortly.

Are you eager to revisit the legendary Zorro? Do you wanna see Zeke and / or Luther do an ollie?

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