About Drew

Drew Ryan is an American journalist, writer, producer, content creator, geek, nerd…. and Disney fanatic. Best known as the Editor-in Chief and Founder of DejaView News, a Disney+ focused streaming news site.

Prior to that he dabbled as a Digital Producer and Content Creator. In 2013 he set out to unite his written and video thoughts on his favorite geek and pop culture franchises. Drew created #ColdHardDrewth Productions, a media conglomerate that oversaw all his projects. Most notable was his YouTube channel, Drew’s Corner, which hosted the Reel Geek Girls spotlight series and So Dang Disney! In 2020 he retired from the industry after suffering tremendously from body dysmorphia and cyberbullying.

Reel Geek Girls was a Feminist project dedicated to spotlighting awesome geeks through interviews while combating the Fake Geek Girls myth. With 110 episodes in 3 years on YouTube and iTunes, it was worth a listen. Unfortunately the show’s YouTube channel was lost due to copyright claims in 2020. During the change between Squarespace and WordPress the iTunes Podcast was lost as well. Drew hopes to re-upload and remaster the episodes in the future or at least re-list the audio podcast!

In August 2016 Drew released his first book, 130,000 Worth of Words. In addition, Drew produced and starred in the following former cringe YouTube series: Drew’s Clues, Storytime w/ Drew Ryan, Bad ASSMR, The awkWORD, and The ColdHardDrewth.