‘Enchanted’ Will Finally Stream On Disney+ Beginning Friday – Disney+ Day

Disney+ Day Brings Enchanted and more new surprises

In an early morning press release, Disney+ announced additional titles coming on Disney+ Day. While it was thrilling to see Enchanted (2007) finally listed after 2 years of waiting, the surprise was ruined by Canada (and then Italy) promoting it on their “Coming in November” lists. For that matter, everything announced today was spoiled by Italy.

Our poll respondents were correct.

Additional Disney+ Day Titles Announced

Beyond the long-awaited Amy Adams / James Marsden / Patrick Dempsey / Idina Menzel classic, Disney also announced new episodes of Marvel Assembled and Marvel Studios Legends focusing on Shang-Chi and Hawkeye respectively. They announced a documentary on the making of the recent Billie Eilish concert special entitled The Making of Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles. All of these were spoiled by Italy weeks ago.

The Billie Eilish concert special is getting a “making of” documentary cuz Disney+ loves those.

Disney announced the complete season 3 of Fancy Nancy would arrive on Disney+ the same day the season premiere airs on Disney Channel! Hopefully we see more of these style drops soon. This was spoiled already by the one international list although we all assumed they just meant the season premiere. Guess not…

The entire 3rd season of Fanny Nancy will drop on Disney+ November 12th; all episodes premiering before they even air.

Finally, our scoop from August got confirmed. The 110th DCOM, Spin, is indeed coming on Disney+ Day. This too got spoiled by international lists listing it. It’s all just bonkers! Disney seriously needs to get their international teams on the same page – this is the 3rd or 4th time a surprise was spoiled by another country unceremoniously listing it on the monthly list.

Spin will stream on Disney+ USA Friday, November 12th. (C) 2021 Disney Channel

All that aside, are you thrilled to see these titles arriving?

Where Was Enchanted?

Enchanted has not been available to stream in the USA since 2018, a whopping 3+ year absence. Why do you think Enchanted was held back for 2 years of the service? It’s the biggest missing film and probably their most requested. Previous suggestions that they were waiting to add it with Disenchanted are now proven wrong. That’s a nonsense marketing decision and was never their plan. By that same assumption they wouldn’t have added Proud Family, National Treasure, Home Alone, Percy Jackson, etc.

Now that it’s arrived the Disney Pictures library from 2000-2021 is much closer to completion globally. USA is sadly missing 11 titles and will continue to be missing titles for at least 3 years, but only 2 are missing globally: Shaggy Dog (2006) got pulled from Disney+ 2 weeks after launch back in December 2019 and James Cameron’s Ghost of the Abyss (2003) never surfaced.

Are you going to watch Enchanted on Disney+ Day? Which of the others newly announced (previously spoiled) titles are you excited about? Do you think they’ll ever re-add Shaggy Dog? Literally nobody has ever replied to my questions via the comments so we probably won’t ask anymore after this article lol

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