Drew’s Clues Ethics Policy

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Drew’s Clues endeavors to cover the news of Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, Netflix. Prime Video, and the overall streaming industry fairly and honestly. We may be brutally honest, but never cruel. We will not levy unwarranted criticisms or personal attacks against people and companies we cover, or against colleagues in our industry.

Social Media Usage

On our social media platforms we will downvote, block, and report anyone who exhibits discrimination or hate speech including, but not limited to: transphobic remarks, homophobia, ageism, sexism, ableism, personal attacks based on appearance, mental illness, or perceived biases. We have zero tolerance for cyberbullying.


Drew’s Clues website and social media channels will credit original sources and content creators. Unless the news comes from an official press release unavailable via the web, reporters will always provide link credit to the original source. We believe in raising our colleagues up and supporting other sources per best practices of journalism. All images used will credit the source and date the photo was published in the caption.

We do not pay sources for their information. Any anonymous sources will have their identities protected, but they must prove their identity to the relevant author and editor to be cited in a story. 

If you believe a story has misattributed the original content source, please contact us.

Corrections And Alterations

We make every effort to ensure all stories are accurate at publication. We will swiftly correct errors should they occur and provide a disclaimer at the top of the article with a correction notice. 

We may not always get it right tonally. In these instances, we will do everything in our power to own our missteps and correct them while also putting in place motions to prevent them from reoccurring. For more information on our corrections policy see here.

For corrections or update requests, please contact us.

Latest revision: December 22, 2022