Everything New Streaming On Disney+ In November 2022

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Last Updated: October 25, 2022Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is now dated on November 25! October numbers are updated to include Hamster & Gretel batch on October 26th and Soundtrack #1 arrival

October’s catalog total rebounded quite a bit from what was announced. Approximately 10 additional titles arrived. The November list is one of the largest ones Disney+ has ever had in USA, but there are (of course) caveats. We hope they add a lot more between now and December 1st because the catalog is enormous, but almost entirely Nat Geo. Other brands are mostly shut out. We’ll get to that later in our analysis.

November has 43 titles scheduled, good for 2nd place on the all-time chart. Will they schedule 11 more and hit the record? Doubtful, but let’s hope!

Averages / Totals

1,001 library titles since launch. 78 removed titles still lost. 923 total. Monthly average rises for both 2022 and overall thanks to the plentiful Nat Geo fruits.

Library Brand Breakdown

[NAT GEO] – 30





[ABC / FREEFORM / 20TH TV] – 0

[ESPN] – 0



ORIGINALS – 23 (From most ever 2 months ago to worst ever last month and now back to setting a new record! What a rollercoaster the past 3 months!)



TOTAL ADDITIONS: 65 – All-time record

It’s not just library lacking in October, as you’ll see Disney is on track to set the all-time worst record for Originals in one month – only a month after setting the all-time best record for most! What…?

Last 3 Months Comparison

Nat Geo back on top like it used to be. Barely any catalog otherwise. All-time record for most originals in 1 month!

Arriving On Disney+ November 2022

Wednesday, November 2

  • Airport Security (S1, S2, S3) [NAT GEO] (Also on Hulu, weirdly rebranded as To Catch A Smuggler: Columbia S1-2 and Madrid)
  • Andor (S1, Episode 9) [ORIGINAL]
  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (S2) [NAT GEO]
  • Critter Fixers: Country Vets (S4) [NAT GEO]
  • Dino Ranch (S2, 6 episodes) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Donna Hay Christmas (S1) [ORIGINAL]
  • Locked Up Abroad (S3 – 9 episodes, S4 – 3 episodes, S5 – S11) [NAT GEO] (Also on Hulu)
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S2, Episode 6) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode (S2, Episode 3) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (S1, Episode 3) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK
  • To Catch a Smuggler (S1, S2, S3) [NAT GEO] (Also on Hulu)

Thursday, November 3

  • Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law [ORIGINAL]

Friday, November 4

  • Big City Greens: Shortsgiving [DISNEY CHANNEL]
  • The Gift [DISNEY SHORT] From Our Family to Yours 2022 Holiday commercial
  • Marvel Studios Assembled: Director by Night [ORIGINAL]
  • Marvel Studios Legends (S1, 3 episodes) [ORIGINAL]
  • Ocean’s Breath (2019) [NAT GEO]
  • Saving Notre Dame (2020) [NAT GEO] – NOVA episode (PBS) but Nat Geo also aired it (!)

Monday, November 7

  • Dancing with the Stars Episode 9 (Live) [ORIGINAL]

Wednesday, November 9

  • Andor (S1, Episode 10) [ORIGINAL]
  • Breakthrough (2015 – 2017) (S1, S2) [NAT GEO]
  • Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown (2022) (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol (S21) [NAT GEO] – Relisted after October 19 no-show
  • The Lion Ranger (2010) (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S2, Episode 7) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Montaners (S1) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (S2, Episode 4) [ORIGINAL]
  • Save Our Squad with David Beckham (S1) [ORIGINAL]
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (S1, Episode 4) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Tatami Time Machine Blues (S1) – [ORIGINAL] (FIRST + ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!) — UNLISTED
  • World’s Deadliest (S3) (Not coming: S1-2 or S4-6) [NAT GEO]
  • Zootopia+ (Shorts) (S1) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK

Friday, November 11

  • Eyewitness: D-Day (2019) [NAT GEO]
  • Fire of Love (2022) [NAT GEO]
  • Mary Poppins Returns (Sing-Along Version) [DISNEY PICTURES]
  • Port Security: Hamburg (2019) [NAT GEO]
  • Sea of Shadows (2019) [NAT GEO] (Also on Hulu)

Monday, November 14

  • Dancing with the Stars Episode 10 (Live) [ORIGINAL]

Wednesday, November 16

  • Andor (S1, Episode 11) [ORIGINAL]
  • Atlas of Cursed Places (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • Ice Road Rescue (S6) [NAT GEO]
  • Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (S1) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S2, Episode 8) [ORIGINAL]
  • Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Party Palace Pals (S2, 11 episodes) [DISNEY JUNIOR]Re-scheduled from September no-show, includes Halloween special. Better later than never.
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (S2, Episode 5) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Santa Clauses (S1, Episodes 1-2) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (S1, Episode 5) [ORIGINAL]
  • Ultimate Survival WWII (2019) (S1) [NAT GEO] (Also on Hulu)
  • World’s Deadliest Snakes (2020) (S1) [NAT GEO]

Friday, November 18

  • Best in Snow (2022) [ORIGINAL]
  • Disenchanted (2022) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK
  • Game of Sharks (2022) [NAT GEO] (1 of the MIA SharkFest titles appears!)
  • Genoa Bridge Disaster (2009) [NAT GEO]
  • Me & Mickey (Shorts) (S1, 20 episodes) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity-Dog Tales (2019-2021) (S1) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Mickey: The Story of a Mouse [ORIGINAL]
  • Mickey Mousekersize (2011) (S1) [DISNEY JUNIOR]SADLY NOT THE 80S ONE!
  • Virus Hunters (2020) [NAT GEO]
  • The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse [ORIGINAL]

Sunday, November 20

  • Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium (Live) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK

Monday, November 21

  • Dancing with the Stars (S1, Episode 11) (Live) [ORIGINAL]

Wednesday, November 23

  • Andor (S1, Episode 12) [ORIGINAL]
  • Daddies On Request (2022) (S1) [ORIGINAL]
  • Egypt with the World’s Greatest Explorer (2019) (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • Last of the Giants: Wild Fish (2022) (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S2, Episode 9) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (S2, Episode 6) [ORIGINAL]
  • Puppy Dog Pals (S5, 2 episodes) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • The Santa Clauses (S1, Episode 3) [ORIGINAL]
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t! (S1, Episode 6) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Villains of Valley View (S1, 4 episodes -includes Christmas special / S1 finale) [DISNEY CHANNEL] <– STAFF PICK
  • Witness to Disaster (2019) (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • World’s Deadliest: Jaws and Sins (2013-2014) (S1) [NAT GEO]

Friday, November 25

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special [ORIGINAL]
  • Heroes of the Sky: The Mighty Eighth Air Force [NAT GEO]
  • The Hip Hop Nutcracker [ORIGINAL]
  • Life and Death in Paradise: Crocs of the Caribbean [NAT GEO]

Monday, November 28

  • Mickey Saves Christmas (2022) [DISNEY JUNIOR]

Wednesday, November 30

  • Buried Secrets of WWII (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • Firebuds (S1, 3 episodes) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (S2, Episode 10) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society S2, Episode 7) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Santa Clauses (S1, Episode 4) [ORIGINAL]
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends (S2, 4 episodes) [DISNEY JUNIOR]
  • Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t (S1, Episode 7) [ORIGINAL]
  • The Witch Doctor Will See You Now (S1) [NAT GEO]
  • Willow (S1, Episode 1) [ORIGINAL] <– STAFF PICK

Leaving Disney+ November 1, 2022

The Sandlot is as good as gone. It will increase its all-time record for most departures. Just stop.

We also expect some of these titles to exit November 1st or December 1st: A Very Boy Band Christmas, X-Men Days of Future Past, The Book of Life, and Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb. Hopefully none of them do!

We’ve been correct every month for the past 7 months about some exiting titles. Last month we predicted Night at the Museum 2!

Please follow along here as we track removals and returns.

Analysis & Ramblings

Nat Geo Dominates

What a strange way to celebrate 3 years! Out of nowhere, Disney decided to pour in Nat Geo, set a new record for most originals in 1 month, and then abandon most other catalog. There is more Nat Geo content this month than many months in the past 3 years had overall catalog. This drop includes some very shocking titles such as Locked Up Abroad, To Catch A Smuggler, and Airport Security (which in the USA they’ve weirdly re-branded on Hulu to fit into the To Catch A Smuggler franchise). It will be very interesting to see how they list these series on Disney+. Will they use the international name and format or the Hulu format where each season of Airport Security is rebranded and listed separately. Check this disaster out:

Hulu has 9 “To Catch A Smuggler” titles. Only 1 is TCAS. 7 or 8 of them are split and rebranded seasons of 1 international series, Airport Security. Disney+ may be planning to use the original name and setup, thank goodness.

We’re unable to confirm at this moment if the new series Caribbean Coast is season 10 of Airport Security, but the titles we’ve highlighted with yellow squares are actually all seasons of Airport Security. In some cases, 2 seasons focused on the same region, so To Catch A Smuggler: Madrid is actually Airport Security Seasons 4 and 7. We’re rooting for Disney+ to properly list the series as ONE title. 🙄

All of this goes to show that drugs are officially a go on Disney+! It’s amazing that they’re sending more episodes and seasons of these series to Disney+ than Hulu has. Sadly, Hulu still has the next day episodes of the current seasons. Let’s get Narco Wars, Trafficked, and Drugs Inc. next! We’re also finally getting some World War 2 content like Buried Secrets of WW2 and Ultimate Survival WW2. Hopefully this means the ad-tier is going to bring positive changes and Disney will try to make that prince increase more palatable…


As we alluded to earlier, like all “good” news from Disney+ it comes with the bad. The bad is that November is a relatively awful month for catalog. Despite all of this long overdue Nat Geo library, the rest of the catalog is virtually ignored. We return once again to a month with 0 20th Century Studios, Disney Pictures, OR Touchstone films. Yet again, zero general entertainment series from ABC or 20th are scheduled. Once more, the vault door is slammed shut and no missing cartoons or Disney Branded TV series are on the schedule. This hits hard when juit last month Zorro, PB&J Otter, and Bear in the Big Blue House arrived. Yet again, the ESPN 30 for 30 lineup is absent. In 2022 that means the first 9 months in a row featured multiple 30 for 30s, the past 2 months in a row did not. Finally, there are is no missing Christmas catalog listed.

Unhappy Holidays

There are some new holiday season originals like Hip Hop Nutcracker, Mickey Saves Christmas, and Best in Snow, but don’t expect to see any of the many missing Wonderful World of Disney or ABC Family Christmas movies. Considering Disney removed all of the ABC Family and Freeform Christmas movies October 12th, we’re down bad! We went from having 5 out of the 6 they gave us at launch in November 2019 to 0 in a 24 hour period. Three Days, The Mistle-Tones, Life-Size 2, 12 Dates of Christmas, and Snowglobe join Snow (removed December 2020) as ABC Family / Freeform Christmas movies added at launch that are now provided to Hulu or the vault.

Where’s Walt? / Disney 100 Check-In

After adding Zorro in October, Disney goes back to nothing classic.

Last month’s good streak is already over.

Disney Channel and Cartoon Check-In

After a tremendous time in October, November goes back to nothing meaningful. We do get 3 recent series of Mickey Mouse shorts: Hot Diggity Dog Tales, Mickey & Me, and Mickey Mousekercize. That’s something…

Additional data: 46 Missing Cartoons

Nat Geo Library Is Far Behind on Specials

Nat Geo finally catches up (for the most part) on their series in October. They are still doing very poorly with specials.

Recent Specials:

  • Latin America from Above: From Baja to Patagonia (2022) – Narrated by Gina Rodriguez
  • National Geographic Investigates: The Fall of Osama Bin Laden (2022) (On Hulu)
  • Home Rediscovered (2021)
  • Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer (2021) (On Hulu)
  • Killer High The Silent Crisis (2021) (Left Hulu in May 2022)
  • Our America: Todos Unidos (2021)
  • Mountain Strong: Surviving the Creek Fire (2021)
  • Serpent’s Surprise (2021)
  • Our America: Asian Voices (2021)
  • Our America: Climate of Hope (2021)
  • The Last Drop (2021)
  • Mission Possible: The Race for a Vaccine (2021)
  • The March on Washington: Keepers of the Dream (2021) (On Hulu)
  • North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator (2021) (On Hulu)
  • Launch America: Mission to Space Live (2020)
  • Butt Heads: The Strange Story of Sheep (2020)

Additional date: Nat Geo Library Progress

The Usual “Missing Titles” Watch

Good news! Bridge to Terabithia is finally out of this section because they QUIETLY added it without any promotion. It was a mistake, because it did not even appear in the “New to Disney+” row.

  • Epic (2013) Blue Sky film and Dr. Dolittle 2 (2008) both left HBO August 1 and were previously on Disney+ USA.
  • Dick Tracy and Jungle Book 1994 left HBO February 28th, 2021. 1 of the 3 stream internationally.
  • Millions, Dr. Dolittle 5 and Flicka: Country Pride recently left HBO or Starz. All 3 stream internationally and 1 of 3 were once on Disney+ USA. We hear rumors that Millions and Flicka 4 might go to HBO while Dr. Dolittle 5 goes to Starz. The way the toxic Fox library deals seem to work is they switch back and forth between Starz and HBO with an occasional, brief stop at Disney+.
  • The BFG, Tini: The New Life of Violetta remain missing despite Disney+ streaming both internationally and pulling them off Netflix February 28, 2022. The BFG already streamed on Disney+ in the past. Tini appears to have been vaulted because Disney doesn’t prioritize international content, but they aired her concert on Disney+ earlier this summer. Their team is not the sharpest as that was the ideal time to add the film. As we mentioned earlier, Hispanic Heritage month was the ideal time to add Tini
  • Shaggy Dog (2006) – Removed December 2019. Has never appeared anywhere since.
  • Everybody’s Hero and Eddie the Eagle remain lost after mysterious removals.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked never returned after leaving for Peacock, then leaving Peacock. It’s believed they may be heading to Starz or HBO due to the extended absence.

Additional data: 85 Missing Disney Pictures Films

Additional data: Over 2000 Missing Touchstone, Hollywood, and Fox Films

Additional data: All Titles Removed From Disney+ USA

Final Thoughts

November is Nat Geo, Originals, and nothing else. We give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Drew Ryan is a film, TV, and Disney geek. He has degrees in English, Student Personnel Administration, and Library & Information Science from Lawrence University, Concordia University-Wisconsin, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Interested in the minutia and licensing of streaming service content, he is always publishing lists, suggestions, and advocating for Disney’s missing library to be added to Disney+. Drew subscribes to Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Paramount+. You can find him waxing nostalgic over classic Disney Channel or geeking out over Marvel, CW shows, & Disney on Twitter.