[EXCLUSIVE] Disney Plus and Star Plus Bundle in Latin America is Called Combo+

Star Plus and Disney Plus

EDIT: July 20th, 1 month later, this news began spreading online without crediting us. Scoop confirmed.

I received intel today that when Latin America gets Star+ on August 31st, they’ll have the ability to bundle it with an existing Disney+ subscription. We already knew about the bundle – but now we know a bit more about how it works and what it’s called. Introducing… “Combo+.”

Unlike the Disney / Hulu / ESPN+ bundle which caused people are lot of problems when trying to sign up, Combo+ is simple and streamlined. Both Disney+ and Star+ have one tier and price. The Hulu Ads vs Hulu No-Ads tiers added further complications to the bundle sign ups here and many people had to ask Disney+ for help including cancelling and re-signing up a different way.

Per my official Disney source: “If you have an existing subscription with Disney+ or Star+, you won’t need to cancel your subscription. The amount charged for Combo+ will be automatically adjusted to account for your subscription.” They’ll send an e-mail to the subscriber with a breakdown of charges after the fact.

The Combo+ deal in Latin America / Brazil is far superior to the USA bundle. For a fraction of the cost paid up here, they get access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ libraries through only two apps whereas we deal with 3 apps at a higher price. The additional charges are to accommodate for the licensed content on Hulu from Universal, Sony, Lionsgate, Paramount, etc. If someone is just interested in the Disney-owned titles, we don’t get a a simple option like Combo+ or Disney+ Hotstar (in South East Asia) or Disney+ with the Star brand tile (everywhere else). We get 3 apps, 3 logins, constant switching, no unified search, etc.

Despite all this, the Star+ price as a bundle is great. Separately, Disney+ and Star+ are basically the same monthly cost. But in a bundle one of them is reduced to only 1-2 dollars. That hasn’t stopped people in Latin America and Brazil from being angry. They believe they are victims of double standards and see the different treatment they’ve received from other countries where Disney+ / Hulu / ESPN+ titles are one “Megazord” service.

The new trailer today (see below) was met with many frustrated would-be subscribers.

Since December on Twitter and Reddit I’ve witnessed a lot of angry people and heard from many personally. Despite this and the fact that Starz is suing to stop the launch, Disney is steamrolling forward.

I’ll leave you with some comments from today:

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