[EXCLUSIVE] Possible Big Shot (2021) Season 2 Storylines

I received word from a very trusted source that Disney is currently exploring changes for a potential Big Shot season 2. This is NOT a confirmation the series has been renewed. It’s common for series in limbo to pitch the next season prior to official pickup. As the producers are exploring changes, it means the show hasn’t been cancelled yet. Temper your expectations. Though if I had to guess, I’d say Mighty Ducks (2021) and Big Shot WILL return in 2022.

Big Shot (2021) may return for a season 2
Big Shot (2021) may return for a season 2

Below you’ll find the possible season 2 bits along with my reaction to each.

Changes and stories being explored:

  • Moving to a binge drop (No, thank you. Let me savor this series and look forward to watching it unspoiled each week.)
  • Fewer episodes (This would be a poor choice, IMO. 10 episodes for a drama is the new standard. Only the most prestige dramas dare drop below that number and there are a lot of characters to balance.)
  • Increasing Harper’s role (Yes! Darcy Rose Byrnes has been a delight and I’m excited to see her character, and relationship with Carolyn, grow.)
  • Additional LGBT representation (Bring it. Big Shot already has the honor of featuring Disney+’s first LGBT kiss in an Original.)
  • Exploring Holly and Marvyn’s relationship (Of course. The seeds are there.)
  • Less melodrama (I hope not. This is Us is one of the most watched TV dramas and it’s quite.. melodramatic.)
  • Emma, Louise, Destiny, Samantha, Olive, and Carolyn trying to get into colleges (Makes sense.)
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What do you think about these possibilities? Are there any you’re vehemently against? Any that excite you? Have you told someone about Big Shot today? If not – go DO it. Get people to watch this series.

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