[Exclusive] TGIF Series ‘Family Matters,’ ‘Full House,’ ‘Step by Step,’ ‘Hangin With Mr. Cooper,’ And ‘Perfect Strangers’ Leaving Hulu October 1st, Likely Headed To HBO Max

TGIF Series Leaving Hulu

UPDATE: We were correct about Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step going to HBO Max October 1st. For some reason HBO did not announce the other two TGIF series.

We did it again! You may recall a tweet a few days back that suggested the classic ABC lineup known as “TGIF” (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) could be leaving Hulu soon.

We are thrilled to announce that the lineup just showed up under Hulu’s expiring tab. We 100% nailed that. And because the lineup is iconic, the odds of HBO Max licensing it elsewhere or re-licensing it to Hulu are slim to none. We expect a major press release to go out soon announcing the series are coming to HBO Max, similar to the one issued when Hulu obtained them.

Plenty of articles were written last time TGIF chose a streaming home.

WarnerMedia owns distribution rights to the 5 TGIF shows which means HBO Max in October is about to get a massive boost of nostalgia with over 800 episodes of sitcom goodness. What shows are included in this lineup that Hulu is about to lose?

Full House

Perfect Strangers

Step by Step

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Family Matters

We told you it was big deal!

Hulu signed a deal with WB that started October 1st, 2017 and our hope that the deal was a 4-year deal is now confirmed.

Are you excited to see these wonderful series coming to HBO Max? Or are you a Hulu subscriber sad to see them go?

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