Drew’s Clues Fact Checking Policy

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We pride ourselves on 100% accurate headlines. We do not post clickbait articles or misleading headlines. We embrace and incorporate basic principles and standards of journalism. All information written by our staff is fact-checked and researched before posting. We promise impeccable accuracy across our headlines, subheadings, articles and social copy.

Drew’s Clues operates a two-phase editorial process. Each writer will verify their sources and information to ensure it’s neither inaccurate or misleading. Then, just before publishing, our editorial staff rigorously vets the copy to ensure that it is indeed factual, correctly sourced, and original content. We do not tolerate plagiarism or accept work from other outlets without expressed approval and a disclaimer revealing its previous publisher.

We verify all sources and provide credit to the original source in all our stories. If we learn of information from another website, we credit both the original source and the one where we encountered the news. We avoid “rumors” or “inside reports” that we cannot corroborate and in the rare instance we refer to them, they are clearly labeled as such.

At Drew’s Clues, we want our readers to trust that they are reading the factual, reliable information that they would expect from an industry leader. Our Editor-in-Chief has a degree in Journalism from Lawrence University and seeks to provide readers a wealth of unique, evergreen content and statistics that are both reliable and unlike anything available elsewhere.

In instances where errors do occur, DCTV Productions reserves the right to update articles post-publication to ensure the most accurate and contextually relevant information is included. More information about our corrections policy can be found here.

For corrections or update requests, please contact us here.

Latest revision: August 3, 2023