Disney Stealth-Dropped ‘Galavant’ On Hulu, Disregarding Creator, Cast, Crew, And Fan’s Calls To Stream On Disney Plus

galavant now streaming on hulu

It’s no secret that since launch, the series our Editor-in-Chief has been most excited about seeing on Disney+ was Galavant. When the series finally left Netflix in September 2020, people rejoiced. The cult classic series could finally find a proper home on Disney+. After all, the series is frequently referred to as a musical, live-action Disney fairytale. A family-friendly adventure with music by Disney icon Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater. Sound familiar? That’s because they’re the team behind Tangled.

Excitement Over Galavant Leaving Netflix

When our future EiC broke the news that Galavant was going to leave Netflix the same day as Once Upon a Time, it got press coverage. The creator Dan Fogelman (You may know him from the excellent Crazy, Stupid, Love or a little ole smash series called This is Us) tweeted asking for Disney+ to stream it.

Stars Timothy Omundson (King Richard) and Karen David (Isabella) similarly requested this.

The day Galavant left Netflix, the pleas continued.

Many people asked for Disney+ to stream this title too and hopefully allow it to stream globally, reaching countries that it never aired it. Believe it or not, despite filming in the UK and starring UK actors, the UK have never had legal access. If Galavant found a new fanbase it could even lead to a continuation, revival, reboot, spin-off, or stage show… all things the creatives are interested in.

Unfortunately, Disney made an extremely poor decision and slighted Galavant, even though Once Upon A Time joined Disney+ the day after it left Netflix.

Disney’s Deaf Ears

Insult to injury, Disney proceeded to vault Galavant for over one calendar year. During that time fans, journalists, cast, and creatives continued to ask for it and inquire as to why it was unavailable.

popculture asks… why isn’t Galavant on Disney+?

This included lyricist Glenn Slater.

Star Karen David never gave up the fight either.

Our EiC personally requested it monthly at Disney+’s Feedback page. We even wrote our own follow-up.

Unfortunately, it was all meaningless.

So, what became of Galavant?

Would it stream where the cast and crew wanted it to go: The flagship Disney service that could finally surpass Hulu in domestic subscribers this fall? Aside: ironically, had Disney not all but banned bingeable television (regardless of maturity rating) from Disney+, Hulu would have been passed a year ago.

A Quiet Drop In The Dark

On December 24th, 2021, Disney stealthily added 8 series to Hulu, including Galavant. This is the 2nd time in 2 months they’d dropped a significant amount of binge-TV unannounced. The cast and crew of Galavant have been relatively quiet over this relative defeat. One gets the vibe that they’re just happy it’s out there.

It’s one thing to add it to Hulu, the service overflowing with TV where it does not fit and will not be discovered by new fans under the piles of older television series. It’s another thing entirely to not list the title (or any of the other titles that joined it) on the monthly list sent to the press detailing the December lineup. It’s another entirely to not tweet about it from Hulu’s account or put any love on the series.

Had the series been where people wanted it, on Disney+, it would have developed a brand new following. It would have streamed alongside fellow fairytale titles and works by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. Instead, Galavant has been swept under the rug. Just one of the many Disney TV series streaming in the endless sea of Hulu, already forgotten by Disney.

Except we won’t forget.

Enjoy this brilliant West Side Story (Coming soon to Disney+) sendup.

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