‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (2010) Gone From Disney+ – Moved to Hulu

Gulliver's Travels

As we sadly predicted yesterday, Gulliver’s Travels followed the pattern of Ramona and Beezus (2010) a few months ago and left Disney+ less than 2 months after being added to go to Hulu. Flicka 2 (2010) also arrived then quickly left. It’s just bad management at this point. Nothing should be added that cannot stay longer than 2-3 months. Disney is violating left and right the promises they made before launch about not removing titles.

As with Ramona (which has now moved on to Prime Video) it’s anybody’s guess when Gulliver returns. The fact that they are both 2010 films released by Fox is not a coincidence. When you look through the 2005 – 2015 Fox titles you see Disney has a disturbing lack of access. Most of them are circulating between Roku, Prime Video, YouTube, and Starz.

As always we are the best site when it comes to proving this information – we have the most complete list of expiration dates of titles on other services as well as record of titles removed along with the reason and return timetable. Not only that, we have a new page that lists the year’s films added from both Disney and Fox sides. None of this paints a pretty picture.

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