‘Hollywood Stargirl’ Premieres June 3rd On Disney Plus!

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Way back in the early months of Disney+, Stargirl charmed fans across the world with star Grace VanderWaal’s portrayal of the titular character. It obviously performed well enough to earn a sequel, because on June 3rd, People reports that Disney will be releasing a brand new follow up that sees Stargirl starting a new life in Los Angeles. The release date news snuck out with no coverage from any other organization. Thank you to Eddie for the tip.

Once again, the film will be musical and contains an original song written by Grace herself, “Figure It Out.” Will she?

We suspect, yes.

Here is our favorite song from the first film. You may recognize it from SpongeBob.

DejaView knew this film was coming in June since the Hollywood premiere party date leaked over a month ago, but didn’t know which date. Now that we have the release date a Coming Soon page should appear on Disney+ within the next… ah, who we kidding? They won’t add one until a week before, if at all.

Are you excited for this film?


When her mother Ana (Judy Greer) is hired as the costume designer on a movie, they relocate to L.A., where Stargirl quickly becomes involved with an eclectic assortment of characters. They include aspiring filmmaking brothers Evan (Elijah Richardson) and Terrell (Tyrel Jackson Williams); Mr. Mitchell (Judd Hirsch), one of Stargirl’s neighbors; and Roxanne Martel (Uma Thurman), a musician Stargirl admires and encounters on her journey.


None yet, will be added in when available


None yet, will be added in when available


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