[Exclusive] Interview With “Save Lizzie McGuire” Campaign organizer

save lizzie interview

On premiere day of Paramount+’s fun iCarly (2021) revival, one can’t help but feel cheated by what could have been. Lizzie McGuire was supposed to be the grown-up reboot of a Millennial favorite serving as a new streaming service’s flagship series. Instead, Gen Z favorite iCarly gets to bring subscribers to Paramount+. That’s one victory for Gen Z over Millennials in the culture wars. And heck – iCarly is how Paramount+ won my subscription.

One woman, Caroline Heijdemann of the Netherlands, has not given up the fight. If anything, iCarly has only motivated her more. That woman started the Twitter account, @Save_Lizzie and today I am honored to feature her as our first interview. After this, make sure you read our new feature article exploring what happened with Lizzie’s reboot.

@Save_Lizzie – the Save Lizzie McGuire campaign official Twitter

Tell us a bit about your Save Lizzie campaign.

My “save Lizzie McGuire” campaign was a very spontaneous decision. I was very disappointed about the cancellation and had to do something. TV Shows have been saved by fans before, so why not? It started with a petition and sending letters/e-mails to Disney & Hulu. I’m using my twitter account (@save_lizzie) to get people into action.

What aspects of Lizzie make it ripe for a revival?

As Hilary Duff said: turning 30 is a big deal. It’s a milestone age. A lot of people feel the pressure of reaching goals in their 30s. Get get a job, get married, have kids etc. But being an adult isn’t always easy. There are a lot of challenges that we are facing. Lizzie McGuire was our “best friend” during our teenage years. This is the perfect time for her return. Now she can guide us through our 30s.

Hilary Duff being happy – unaware some meddling exec would ruin her dreams weeks later.

Thinking back to the original – why were you fan?

Lizzie McGuire (2001) was my “comfort show.” A perfect balance between reality and escapism. Lizzie isn’t a princess with magical powers. She’s not perfect. And that makes her so relatable. The show wasn’t just about entertainment, but also taught us some valuable life lessons. Oh, and I’m still a Lizzie & Gordo shipper BTW!

Gordo and Lizzie shippers for life! (C) Entertainment Tonight (2020)

Do you see a future where Lizzie reboot happens?

I can’t predict the future, but I still have hope. We are living in the age of reboots. The Lizzie McGuire reboot was one of the most anticipated Disney+ shows. It would be a shame if Disney doesn’t reconsider the idea. Especially after all the hype. Hopefully the iCarly reboot will set a good example for others to follow. As Hilary said: “never say never.”

Do you think Lizzie McGuire needs to be TV-14 to tell its story?

I certainly think that a TV-14 rating gives them more creative freedom. Some PG-shows work for adults. But that’s clearly not what Hilary had in mind. I’m not asking for a dark R-rated show. But hopefully they can meet somewhere in the middle. Disney+ has more content that’s not kid-friendly.

How can people get involved or make a difference?

There are a few things we can do:

1) Sign and share the petition. (https://change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-save-the-lizzie-mcguire-reboot…)

2) Remain vocal on social media and tag @disneyplus. Everyone can see the comments, including media outlets.

3) Give feedback on http://help.disneyplus.com. You can “suggest a new feature” (content) or “request a film or show”. They read and review all requests, so it’s worth a try.

Would you accept a reboot even if Terri Minsky chooses not to return?

As long as the reboot remains true to Lizzie’s character (and doesn’t ruin the story), I’ll take it. Of course I hope Terri will be involved. She’s the creator of the show and deserves it. But I understand if she doesn’t want to. Especially after all the drama.

Thank you for letting us interview you and for all the hard work you do to keep Lizzie on people’s minds. I do believe the long arm of history slants toward justice. I just hope we get it before Lizzie has to be 40… Rooting for iCarly to send a message Disney can’t ignore.

Do you think there’s a chance? What would you like to see happen in one? Leave a comment below and let us know!

And don’t forget to check out our new feature exploring the downfall of Lizzie…

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