‘Just Beyond’ Likely Cancelled At Disney Plus, Although Hope Remains

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In September 2021, Disney+ premiered a fun anthology series based on R.L. Stine’s Just Beyond graphic novels. The series, also titled Just Beyond, ran for 8 episodes. Each episode adapted a different story and featured a different cast. Seth Grahame-Smith’s horror anthology received decent reviews and made for a good Halloween-season watch.

Unfortunately, the show appears to have been quietly cancelled. While all of Disney’s other live-action scripted content from 2021 has received renewal / cancellation news, Just Beyond’s status remains a mystery.

Season 1 began filming in March 2022. If Disney wanted to repeat last year’s scheduling (which makes sense) then they would want to be in production imminently. The radio silence points towards cancellation.

A later renewal and production start could still allow for a season 2 this Halloween season. It’s also possible there has already been work on new scripts before an official announcement. It’s also not a rule that the series has to release before Halloween. With news that Disney is also working on a new Goosebumps series, they may see Just Beyond as redundant.

We know Disney+ staff read our articles. Perhaps this will push them to come out and say something. Regardless of what happens, we should have concrete information very soon.

What do you think? Do you believe Just Beyond is done?

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