Many Of Comcast’s NBC, Bravo, And Telemundo Titles Are Leaving Hulu In September – Full List Revealed! [Exclusive]

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***We will update this article as additional titles are added or titles are renewed***

It’s no secret that Comcast made the decision earlier this year to stop providing next day episodes to Hulu beginning with this upcoming fall TV season, instead reserving those rights for their wholly-owned streaming service, Peacock. At the time, the trades such as Variety emphasized that the primary change would be the ending of next day episodes while some of the existing catalog would remain for a while.

Nonetheless, anti-Disney Bundle fans rooting for Hulu to lose its licensed content and merge with Disney+ are going to be VERY pleased with what we’re about to reveal. Much like HBO Max, Hulu is set to lose a significant amount of content. Unlike HBO Max, this is not a self-inflicted wound, rather a business decision made by the 33% owner (Comcast) as they prepare to sell that stake to the 66% owner (Disney) in early 2024. You have to admit, it’s pretty bonkers Disney has the gall to raise the price of Hulu in October when they’ve been losing content left and right this year…

Between September 15th and 19th a massive amount of NBC Universal’s library is pulling up roots and moving off Hulu. 53 titles to be exact. This accounts for more than half of their remaining series. Some of these titles will now be exclusively available on Hulu after having been shared between the two services for a while. Other titles will be joining Peacock for the first time. Peacock is going to get a shot in the arm while Hulu is going to feel a lot more empty. Earlier this year it was announced that Peacock would add a new hub called TPlus this fall which would be comprised of Telemundo content. For that reason, it is not surprising that Hulu’s Telemundo library is amongst the content saying bye.

Instead of droning on, let’s get to why you’re here. Here is the CURRENT list of content leaving Hulu in September from NBC and other Comcast-owned brands. We will update this list as additional titles are revealed and in circumstances where content is renewed (which is indeed possible) we will make note of that as well. For now, we expect all of this content to exit. That doesn’t mean Comcast won’t renegotiate over the next month a plan to keep select content on both services.

Telemundo Content Leaving Hulu

#TitlePeacock Status
1.Alguien Te Mira (Season 1)
2.Aurora (Season 1)
3.Bajo el Mismo Cielo (Season 1)
4.La Casa de al Lado (Season 1)
5.Corazon Valiente (Season 1)Already on Peacock
6.El Cuerpo del Deseo
7.Dama y obrero (Season 1)
8.¿Dónde Está Elisa? (Season 1)Already on Peacock
9.Duenos Del Paraiso (Season 1)Already on Peacock
10.Eva La Trailera (Season 1)Already on Peacock
11.I Love Jenni (Seasons 1-3)Already on Peacock
12.La Impostora (Season 1)
13.En otra piel (Season 1)
14.Pasión de Gavilanes (Seasons 1-2)Already on Peacock
15.La Patrona (Season 1)
16.Rosa Diamante (Season 1)
17.The Riveras (Seasons 1-3)Already on Peacock
18.Santa Diabla (Season 1)Already on Peacock
19.El Señor de los Cielos (Seasons 1-3)
20.Senora Acero (Season 1)Already on Peacock
21.Tierra de reyes (Season 1)

NBC Content Leaving Hulu

*Please note that in some cases we cannot confirm if ALL seasons are set to leave in September or just the most recent. The way Hulu licensing works is each year the previous season expires in September unless renewed. We suspect this year will see them leave as opposed to the usual renewal. It works this way for all series and networks. For example, Hulu just “renewed” the most recent seasons of Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy, keeping them streaming on Hulu longer.

#TitlePeacock Status
1American Auto (Season 1)Already on Peacock
2America’s Got Talent Extreme (Season 1)Already on Peacock
3La Brea (Season 1)Already on Peacock
4Brooklyn Nine Nine (Seasons 1-8)Already on Peacock
5Capital One College Bowl (Season 1)Already on Peacock, Leaving September 10
6Chicago Fire (Season 10)Seasons 1-10 already on Peacock
7Chicago PD (Season 9)Seasons 1-9 already on Peacock
8Chicago Med (Season 7)Seasons 1-7 already on Peacock
9The Endgame (Season 1)Already on Peacock
10Grand Crew (Season 1)Already on Peacock
11Home Sweet Home (Season 1)Already on Peacock
12Kenan (Season 2)Seasons 1-2 already on Peacock
13Law & Order (Season 21)Seasons 13-21 already on Peacock
14Law & Order: Organized Crime (Season 2)Seasons 1-2 already on Peacock
15Making It (Season 3)Seasons 1-3 already on Peacock
16Mr. Mayor (Season 2)Already on Peacock
17New Amsterdam (Season 4)Seasons 1-4 already on Peacock
18Ordinary Joe (Season 1)Already on Peacock
19Saturday Night Live (Seasons 1-5, 30-47)Seasons 1-47 already on Peacock
20That’s My Jam (Season 1)
21The Thing About Pam (Season 1)Already on Peacock
22The Voice (Season 21)Already on Peacock
23The Wall (Season 4)Already on Peacock
24Young Rock (Season 2)Already on Peacock

Bravo Content Leaving Hulu

#TitlePeacock Status
1Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Seasons 1-20)Already on Peacock
2Life of Kylie (Season 1)Already on Peacock
3The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Seasons 1-13)Seasons 1-14 are already on Peacock
4The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Seasons 1-11)Seasons 1-12 are already on Peacock
5The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Seasons 1-11)Seasons 1-12 are already on Peacock
6The Real Housewives of Potomac (Seasons 1-6)Already on Peacock
7Top Chef (Seasons 1-18)Seasons 1-19 are already on Peacock
8Vanderpump Rules (Seasons 1-8) Seasons 1-9 are already on Peacock

Universal Kids Content Leaving Hulu

2 titles remain: Cleopatra in Space and Where’s Waldo are not leaving… yet.

USA Content Leaving Hulu

3 titles remain: The Purge, Treadstone, and Sirens are not leaving… yet. Note: There are 3 additional titles under the USA hub (Graceland, Burn Notice, and White Collar), but they are distributed by 20th Century Fox (now Disney) and thus will not leave.

SyFy Content Leaving Hulu

1 title remains: 12 Monkeys is not leaving… yet.

CNBC Content Leaving Hulu

No content available

MSNBC Content Leaving Hulu

No content available

***We will update this article as additional titles are added or titles are renewed***

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