Marvel Mix Up – Comedy Monologue

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A lot people ask me my thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Truth is, I love it. I’m so thrilled that under-represented heroes like Aquaman are finally getting a chance to shine. When Nebula teamed up with Harley Quinn and Scarlet Witch it was so empowering for women! And nobody will ever be able to replace Chris Evans as Iron Man. I know there are some people concerned about how X-Pool and the Fantastic Men are going to be implemented into Disney’s Marvel universe. But I have faith.

After all, the company that made Gal Gadot a household name in Captain Marvel clearly knows what they’re doing. Plus, DC movies are too boring. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has it together. The interconnected stories system works when the films are well-written and the buildup is gradual.  DC really jumped the gun by launching right into Guardians of the Squad and a movie where Batman and Supergirl stop fighting because both of their fathers were friends with The Flash. The only issue I have with the MCU is that it’s too complicated for most people.  I can’t find any guys that appreciate the MCU like I do. Boys are stupid.