Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures (2020) Season 1 [Now Streaming on Disney Plus]


Okay, your EiC needs to brag about this one. Buckle in for a TED TALK. Last summer I contacted Disney’s Operations team with concerns about countless metadata issues including Spider-Man (1994) episodes being out of order, Schoolhouse Rock (1973) listed as 1 season instead of 6, listing Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (2017) under its season 1 name (Tangled The Series), hundreds of release date and improperly titled series that had the word “Disney” in front, etc. They fixed most of them gradually over the past year. This page shows what’s left. One of the changes I requested was to handle Miles From Tomorrowland (2015) Season 3 (which changed its name to Mission Force One and was basically a spin-off ) the same way Hulu did – listing them separately under each title.

Recently they informed me that change would finally come this summer along with my request to not list this series as “Season 3” of Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers (2017). They agreed after I showed them how they series was listed separately on DisneyNow that it made more sense to list it as a separate series so that people searching for either name can find the episodes they are seeking!

This is why the series was initially promoted for May 21 in USA and then no-showed. They weren’t prepared to list it separately at the time and didn’t see a reason to add it as Roadster Racers season 3 only to remove it and relist it soon after as a separate title. Anyway, enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures (C) 2021 Disney


Mickey Mouse and his pals Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald take their unique transforming vehicles on humorous high-spirited races around the globe as well as hometown capers in Hot Dog Hills.


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