Disney Channel, Disney XD, & Disney Junior Library Progress

disney channel disney junior and disney xd library progress

Last Updated: December 2 – Disney’s content team sucks!!! They refused to add catalog the entire year of #Disney100! December list is shitty as ever. Nothing but baby shows.

Disney ContentLast AiredRelease Info
The Ghost and Molly McGee (Seasons 1-2)AiringDecember 6 – 1 episodes
Superkitties (Season 1)AiringDecember 6 – 3 episodes
Villains of Valley View (Seasons 1-2)AiringDecember 6 – 1 episode (End of series)
Kiff (Season 1)AiringDecember 13 – 3 episodes
Mickey Mouse Funhouse (Seasons 1-3)AiringDecember 13 – 4 episodes (Season premiere)
PJ Masks: Power Heroes Music Videos (Season 1)AiringDecember 13 – 5 episodes

5 episodes no-showed in October.
PJ Masks: Power Heroes (Season 1)AiringDecember 13 – 5 episodes
Hailey’s On It! (Season 1)AiringDecember 20 – 1 episode
Pupstruction (Season 1)AiringDecember 20 – 4 episodes
Playdate with Winnie the Pooh (Shorts) (Season 1)AiringDecember 27 – 11 episodes
Me & Winnie the Pooh (Season 1)AiringDecember 27 – – 9 episodes
Broken Karaoke (Seasons 1-2)AiringπŸ‘ŽNo-Showed October 11 due to incompetence.
Chibi Tiny Tales (Seasons 1-4)Airing
Miss Tilly’s Fun Time TV Minute (Seasons 1-2)AiringπŸ‘Ž Exclusive to DisneyNow
Big City Greens (Seasons 1-4)Airing
Alice’s Wonderland Bakery (Seasons 1-2)Airing
How Not To Draw (Season 1)Airing
Firebuds (Seasons 1-2)Airing
Dino Ranch (Seasons 1-3)Airing
Chibiverse (Seasons 1-2)AiringPremiered September 23
Random Rings (Shorts) (Seasons 1-2)Airing
Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes (Season 1)Airing4 episodes behind…
Zombies: The Re-Animated Series (Shorts) (Season 1)Airing
Theme Song Takeover (Seasons 1-3)AiringπŸ‘Ž The incompetent Disney+ content team refused to license the first 2 seasons! πŸ‘Ž They are exclusive to DisneyNow.
Meet Spidey and his Amazing Friends (Seasons 1-3)Airing
Spidey and His Amazing Friends (Seasons 1-2)Airing
Me & Mickey (Seasons 1-2)Airing
Hamster & Gretel (Season 1)Airing
Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (Season 1)Airing
Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Camp Minnie (Season 1)Hiatus
Bluey (Seasons 1-3)S3 Final Episodes Coming
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir (Seasons 1-6)S7 Premieres 2024
Bunk’d: Learning the Ropes (Seasons 1-7)AiringπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž Exclusive to Netflix until ~2029 in USA only. πŸ™„
Shortstober – Big City Greens2021Ridiculously skipped in 2021 and 2022 AND 2023.
Exclusive to DisneyNow – Idiots!
Calling All TOTS (Season 2)2021πŸ‘ŽExclusive to DisneyNow
Ruth & Ruby’s Virtual Sleepover (Season 1)2000πŸ‘Ž Exclusive to DisneyNow
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (Seasons 1-2)2017πŸ‘Ž Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything (Seasons 1-2)2017πŸ‘ŽDelayed insanely long – leaked in Disney+ almost 1 year ago, was falsely promoted a couple different months in different countries spring and summer 2022. Seems it will never arrive.
Whisker Haven Tales (Seasons 1-3)2017πŸ‘ŽStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar and DisneyNow.
Two More Eggs (Seasons 1-3)2017
Nina Needs to Go (Season 1)2017πŸ‘ŽStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar and DisneyNow.
The 7D (Seasons 1-2)2016πŸ‘ŽDisney+ Japan claimed it would arrive
Win, Lose, or Draw (Season 1)2014
Motorcity (Season 1)2013πŸ‘ŽStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
PrankStars (Season 1)2011πŸ‘ŽStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
Handy Manny School for Tools (Season 1)2011πŸ‘ŽExclusive to DisneyNow. πŸ‘Ž
I’m in the Band (Seasons 1-2)2011Available on TVOD
Aaron Stone (Seasons 1-2)2010πŸ‘ŽStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar only.
Cory in the House (Seasons 1-2)2008🚨 Permanently banned from Disney+ due to accusations against Kyle Massey🚨

Available on TVOD
Johnny and the Sprites (Seasons 1-2)2008Available on TVOD
JoJo’s Circus (Seasons 1-3)2007
Buzz on Maggie (Season 1)2006
Brandy and Mr Whiskers (Seasons 1-2)2006πŸ‘ŽConfirmed to be in library since September 2019, they won’t add it.
Dave the Barbarian (Season 1)2005πŸ‘ŽStreaming on Disney+ Hotstar India only.
Stanley (Seasons 1-3)2004
The Jersey (Seasons 1-3)2004
Honey I Shrunk the Kids (Seasons 1-3)2000Available on TVOD
πŸ‘Ž Streamed on Prime for years until January 2021. πŸ‘Ž
Dumbo’s Circus (Season 1)1986
Welcome to Pooh Corner (Season 1)1984
Shows under the caught up section are erased once the series is cancelled. To qualify for this section, show must be in between seasons. This is not intended to be a list of all Disney Branded content on Disney+.