Model Contestants – Comedy Skit

model contestants
Amelia Duckworth would be perfect for this.

2 Females

This script was commissioned by two parents as a comedy sketch for their daughters to use during the BBC Children in Need in 2019!

Kim: OMG Jenny, look at these bozos. This is going to be sooo easy. Everyone else takes it way too seriously.

Jenny: Right, and since we don’t care, we’ll be more natural. We got this.

Kim: It was such a great idea to enter one of these. We’re gonna get SO many Tik Tok followers if we’re pageant winners. (Poses as if making face at cell phone)

Jenny: Our routine is going to (she trips a bit) kill.

Kim: Let’s practice once more. So (doing the motions) – strut, strut, turn, pose.

Jenny: (doing the motions) Strut, butt, uh… snap

Kim: No, no, pay attention! How do you not know this yet??

Jenny: Sorry. Nerves. Nervous.

Kim (Demonstrating): Strut, strut, turn (turns into a wall)

Jenny: Oh, and then, twist, twist, spin, and (staggers)

Kim and Jenny (doing the motions as they say it in unison): Twist and spin and spin and then—

(Both are stumbling now.)

Jenny (making faces as she says each word): Smile. Silly. Shy. Surprised.

Kim: Alright, prop time!

(Both girls grab a prop and strike a couple poses with it. Jenny’s must be a long object such as a baton, bat, shovel, or stick.)

Kim: Yeah, I think we’re ready. Let’s go –

(They both walk into each other and stumble back.)

Jenny: That girl is glaring at us.

Kim: She’s just jealous.

Kim (turns towards glaring girl): You’re going down, clown.

Jenny (turns towards glaring girl while holding a prop with which she accidentally whacks Kim, resulting in Kim falling to the ground.)

Jenny: Kim? Kim?

Kim (from floor): I think my leg fell off.