‘Mysterious Benedict Society’ Season 2 Planned For September Release On Disney Plus

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The Mysterious Benedict Society premiered on Disney+ June 25th, 2021. Now, almost a year later, we are excited to announce that season 2 is about to wrap filming. Not only that, but thanks to star Kristen Schaal’s Instagram post, we have learned a September release is planned. This is certainly not something Disney wanted out there, but no putting that cat back in the bag now.

This is one of 2 release windows leaked on Friday. She-Hulk‘s apparent August 17th premiere leaked courtesy Disney.Co.UK yesterday. It’s possible these were tidbits intended to be revealed next Friday on National Streaming Day and a combination of overzealous communications staff and actors spilled them a bit early.

The Mysterious Benedict Society series adapts the popular children’s book series by Trenton Lee Stewart. I’d never heard of the books, but after watching the show I fell in love. The tone was *chef’s kiss.* It felt like a spiritual successor to Netflix’s splendid take on A Series of Unfortunate Events. I wasn’t surprised to learn the book series are often compared. We recommend everyone give it a shot. At only 8 episodes, it’s an easy binge.

Here is the delightful season 1 trailer:

Are you excited to learn that season 2 will (likely) premiere in September?

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