New Free Guy (2021) and Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021) Trailers Released

Images from Free Guy and Ron's Gone Wrong
New trailers for 2021’s Free Guy and Ron’s Gone Wrong now out.

Free Guy (2021), starring Ryan Reynolds, is finally getting released on August 13, 2021. Pre-Pandemic it was set for July 3, 2020. Today, Disney has released a brand new trailer which you can view below.

Unfortunately, due to Fox’s pre-existing output deal with HBO that ends December 31, 2022, Free Guy will not be coming to Disney+ after its release for at least 2 years. It has not been rated yet so if it ends up Rated R it wouldn’t anyway.

Free Guy joins Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021) as 20th Century Studios films getting new trailers this week. Like with Free Guy, Ron’s won’t be on Disney+ until closer to 2024. We can only pray that Disney gets out of that Fox output deal earlier… Until then, enjoy the trailer below.

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