‘Punky Brewster’ (2021) Cancelled by Peacock, Too Pure For This World

Punky Brewster Cancelled

This one stings. Not surprised since we watched as Peacock kept renewing the shows that premiered after Punky, one after another, but it sucks all the same. On August 19th, Deadline reported that the ultra cute reboot of the 1984-1988 Punky Brewster series is as dead as her dad Henry.

Unfortunately, the cable company (Comcast) pulled the plug, further proving they are the woOoooOrst and should sell the NBCUniversal brand off to Viacom where it has a better chance for the future. Between overselling Peacock’s importance to the Olympics coverage, this absolute MESS of licensing (Exhibit A), and tossing the Soleil Moon Frye starring reboot – Comcast is bad for consumers and bad for artists.

Exhibit A: Comcast’s convoluted licensing keeps their own films away from Peacock. / (C) 2021 Variety VIP+ / Kaare

If this sounds dramatic, it is! Because joining original star Soleil’s Punky are her best friend, again played by Cherie Johnson; Freddie Prinze Jr. as her ex-husband; and Punky’s adorable kids played by new stars Quinn Copeland, Noah Cottrell, Oliver De Los Santos, and finally, the criminally underrated actrivist Lauren Donzis. After No Good Nick on Netflix, one can’t help but feel Ms. Donzis’ heart crying out for a role that lasts more than 10 episodes.

Punky Brewster, we hardly knew ye. Except for the original series, but we hardly re-knew ye.

Here’s the trailer:

Are you hecka mad about Peacock killing Punky? Are you looking up ways to deplume a bird? Let us know in the comments!

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