Raven’s Home (2017) Season 4 [Now Streaming on Disney Plus]

Raven's Home

Raven came home to Disney Plus… and not for the last time. Thanks to our scoop on Raven’s Home season 5 we know she’ll be back. Sadly, without future icon Navia Robinson. Until then, enjoy the 4th season in its entirety forevermore and try not to cry when she says those fateful last words to Booker in the finale…

Maddening tidbit: due to awful licensing, Bunk’d (2015) will be on Netflix until fall 2025. This means that the “Raven About Bunk’d” special is only half streaming on Disney Plus USA with the 2nd half available on Netflix as the Bunk’d Season 4 finale. This also means that Raven’s Home 4 season premiere is the only time you’ll see the Bunk’d cast on Disney+ until 2025. Yes, it’s absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds.

If this bothers you, submit feedback encouraging Disney to work out a deal with Netflix to pull Bunk’d sooner or share the series. Submit that here at help.disneyplus.com. Click “Give Feedback.” Click “Suggest a New Feature.” Click “Content (Movies/Shows).” Politely demand they work out a deal to bring Bunk’d to Disney+ sooner – explaining that the Raven About Bunk’d special Part 2 is separated from Part 1 for 4 years!

Netflix has part 2 to Raven’s Home Season 4’s premiere until 2026! Insane.

Instead of a trailer pay your respect to Nia:

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