Reel Geek Girls Interviews


The Reel Geek Girls interview series was launched in 2015 to combat the Fake Geek Girl myth and harassment that female  geeks face online. By spotlighting notable geeks of all varieties, interests, and levels of obsession, it aims to create a more inclusive geek community for all. 

The Fake Geek Girl myth is the idea that women pretend to be geeks to be more attractive to some men. It also encompasses a belief that people are “not geeky enough” or do not possess enough knowledge about their geeky interests – be it Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Playstation videogames – to be worthy of the title “geek.”

We believe there are no “fake” geek girls. Geeks come in all varieties and levels of obsession. To illustrate this, each spotlight episode features performers ranging from artists, journalists, podcasters, actors, musicians, YouTube personalities, and more. Women chosen are under-the-radar talents on the cusp of large-scale name recognition that are involved in the entertainment or arts industries and have important stories to share.

REEL GEEK GIRLS strives to provide a platform for each featured performer to talk about being discriminated against for being a geek, their experiences as a woman in their industry, and how they have overcome any adversity they’ve faced.  Through this empowering Feminist focus, and sprinkled in bits of zaniness, it is hoped that showing how these “out and proud” geeks have found success in their careers will bring needed encouragement to those afraid to pursue their own dreams and embrace their inner geeks.


  • To diversify our interviewees
  • To decimate the Fake Geek Girl myth
  • To produce ~25 interviews year
  • To interview people in person at Vidcon / ComicCon
  • To earn enough via Patreon to pay future and past interviewees