‘Big City Greens’ Special ‘Shortsgiving’ Coming To Disney+ November 5th (UPDATE – NEVERMIND)

shortsgiving coming to disney plus

UPDATE: Disney did all of us dirty – the title no-showed and the listing has been removed from the YouTube video description. The special remains free on YouTube if you want to watch it.

Somehow this went unreported… maybe because this title did not appear in the press release sent out mid-October or the “1st of the month” video a couple days ago

So how do we know it’s coming? The description of the November 1st video includes this title in their typed-out list.

Strangely enough, this is a 2020 Big City Greens special. This year they did a new special called Shortstober which did not arrive so I guess it’s gonna be a 1-year wait for that one like this one had? What is it? It’s a bunch of Disney Channel shorts packaged together with the Big City Greens characters introducing them. A clever way to reuse their existing content in a clip-show sorta format.

Fun Fact:

The special has been free on YouTube and DisneyNow since last year. We are so thrilled to see DisneyNow lose exclusivity on another title. It’s time for DisneyNow to go bye bye. We request Shook next. It would also be cool to see the full series of some of the shorts featured in this title. We challenge you, content team, to move Random Rings, Broken Karaoke, Theme Song Takeover, Owl Pellets, etc. over from DisneyNow.

Will It Show Up?

We wish we could say this wasn’t the 2nd or 3rd time this happened this year but once again Disney has “forgotten” to add a title to press releases and video and instead just kinda snuck it in their typed out list. There is also no justice for the 2 surprise / random episode batches on November 1st – the video and press release as well as video description list all make no mention! And obviously Disney+ Twitter didn’t tweet about it because they never seem to be aware of what’s going on on the app…

In the past when random titles appeared in the YouTube “1st of the month” video description they did indeed show up so we strongly suspect this title will be no different.

We don’t believe any other Disney news sources are aware of this because we can’t find it mentioned anywhere so enjoy yet another of our patented “first reports.”

Are you excited that another title is coming this month? Are you a fan of these wacky characters?

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