Surprise! 5 Episodes of ‘Incredible Dr. Pol’ And 4 Episodes Of ‘Chicken Squad’ Added To Disney+ Today (A Monday)

Disney+ adds 2 November 1st surprises

This was unexpected. Imagine our surprise when we booted up Disney+ to search for the titles removed on the 1st of the month (only Aquamarine, as we told you October 6th would happen) only to see their Hero promoting unannounced episodes batches added for 2 series.

Dr. Pol Season 19 Episodes 6-10 now streaming on Disney+
Chicken Squad episodes 12-15 now streaming on Disney+

Remember, Disney+ does not do 1st of the month content drops, that’s just every other streaming service in existence that understands the importance of kicking the months off with excitement

Disney+ Library Problems

Hopefully this means they’ve seen the error of this strange strategy and moving forward they will be adding titles on the 1st of each month in addition to the usual Wednesday and Friday adds. Disney+ has major library issues – we’ve been detailing this extensively for months without our statistics. Check out or November Monthly Breakdown article for an example. We have to update it now to add these 2 surprise additions!

These major issues stem from a lack of titles added month to month and a considerable drop off in YEAR TWO from the amount of library added in YEAR ONE. If Disney begins adding titles on the 1st of each month and doesn’t do it at the expense of titles later in the month, we could make significant progress on missing content in Year 3! We’d hope to see 10-20 titles added on the 1st of the months in addition to the 20-30 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Why Though?

Seriously, though. What happened? Were these two batches of episodes a mistake meant to go live on Wednesday? They don’t appear in the “New to Disney+” row as new but we’ve established well via our Twitter account this is a frustratingly common occurrence so it hardly means anything. They have a lot of tech issues… 2 weeks ago Rookie of the Year and Thumbelina were not added to that New row and to this day have never been promoted by Disney+ as new additions which is… weird.

Did Disney do this because it’s the “anniversary” month? Will the November 1st video today provide extra surprises, like the expected Disney+ Day addition of Enchanted? After all, it’s going to Disney+ Hotstar, Italy, and Canada. We think those countries blew the surprise. Could we see “surprise” titles added all month long?

Odds are this was a fluke, we’ve been burned too many times. Let’s just be happy right now!

The episodes added today are great because now Incredible Dr. Pol Season 19 is complete and the gap left when Disney+ skipped Chicken Squad episodes 12-15 in early October is now filled. Neither batch of episodes had shown up on the November press list so it’s great to not have to worry about them anymore.

Can we have a surprise drop of House of Mouse and Bear in the Big Blue House next?

Why do you think these two batches were added on a Monday? Are you happy to see surprise content?

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