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Never Safe: Disney+ Censorship & Gatekeeping Continues; ‘Dinosaurs’ Episode Banned 19 Months Later

Disney+ just removed an episode of DINOSAURS. Add it to the list of ways they’ve undermined their own parental controls and adult subscribers.

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‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Maturity Rating Changed On Disney Plus USA

Here’s an interesting little quirk of Disney’s new parental controls (in USA).

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Disney Plus Censors ‘Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U,’ Sexism Continues To Loom Over Service

Fans were dismayed to hear (or not hear) Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic cussing in her musical documentary ‘driving home 2 u.’ For 2 years, Disney+ censorship has targeted women.

beatles get back is adult so why censor other titles
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‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Is Disney+ USA’s First Adult Title; Exposing Flawed Content Strategy And Past Censorship

Why can The Beatles drop f-bombs on Disney+, but Taylor Swift, Elisabeth Shue, and Billie Eilish cannot? Why are ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Free Solo,’ and ‘Splash’ censored?

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Adventures in Babysitting (1987) [Now Streaming on Disney Plus]

At long last, the classic 1987 film Adventures in Babysitting has moved from HBO to Disney+!