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Recent Passing Of Comedy Legends Bob Saget And Louie Anderson Highlight ‘Life With Louie’ And ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ Absences On Disney+

When we lose a celebrity, it can be like losing a friend. It’s reasonable to want to stream their work. Even in the age of streaming that can still be difficult.

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Why Are Disney Plus Original Series Underperforming? [Analysis]

Today, news broke courtesy Streamr that Disney is running a survey investigating the low viewership in their criminally underrated, most superior original series – Big Shot (2021). Big Shot’s finale aired today but you probably wouldn’t know that. One of the questions the survey asks is whether people would have watched more episodes if it had been available in a binge format. This is where I step in once more and reiterate what I’ve been shouting at the moon since earlier this year.

People don’t watch Disney+ series because Disney+ is not seen as a destination for TV.