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Disney+ Will Not Fix Incorrect DCOM Or Cartoon Aspect Ratios, 32 Months Later

32 months after launch, Disney+ still hasn’t fixed many Day 1 problems. Cropping their titles is one of the most disappointing.

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Disney+ Basically Ceased Film Catalog Additions In 2022; Thousands Of Films Stranded In Vault

What has happened to the Disney+ film library in 2022? Subscribers wonder: why aren’t they adding movie catalog in USA?

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[Exclusive] Disney Channel Original Movie Windows Dramatically Shortened Starting With ‘Spin’? [Deep Dive]

It looks like Spin is heading to Disney+ in September. How did we arrive at this theory and what are windows anyway?

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‘Sneakerella’ Potentially Delayed Until 2022, Moving From Disney Plus to Disney Channel? (Timeline of Disney Channel vs Disney Plus) UPDATED

Signs point to Sneakerella being delayed and moving to Disney Channel from Disney+. This is far from the first time…

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Christmas…Again?! (2021) Sneak Peek Released – New Disney Channel Original Movie Starring Scarlett Estevez

Far from the mosquitos and sweat of Camp Kikiwaka, Scarlett Estevez has found a new role for…