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[Exclusive] Disney+ / Disney Channel Holiday Movie ‘The Naughty Nine’ Delayed, Releasing Holiday 2023!

Disney’s original holiday movie THE NAUGHTY NINE is not coming out in 2022.

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Disney Channel Cancels ‘Ultra Violet And Black Scorpion,’ Renews ‘Bunk’d’ For Season 7, ‘Raven’s Home’ For Season 6

Disney Channel renews its two longest running shows and cancels one of their newest.

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Disney+ Basically Ceased Film Catalog Additions In 2022; Thousands Of Films Stranded In Vault

What has happened to the Disney+ film library in 2022? Subscribers wonder: why aren’t they adding movie catalog in USA?

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[First Report] ‘Raven’s Home’ Season 5, ‘Ghost And Molly McGee’ Episodes Added To Disney Plus April List

After an abysmal and unprofessionally incomplete April list, Disney Plus has quietly added 3 more library titles to the schedule…

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Disney Botched ‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’ Distribution, Leaving Stars Begging People Not To Spoil

Disney dropped ‘Sulphur Springs’ season 2 on Disney+ all at once, creating a spoilers problem. Why are next day episodes so hard to do?

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‘Secrets Of Sulphur Springs’ Season 2’s Disney+ Date No Longer A Secret

The breakthrough Disney Channel smash, ‘Sulphur Springs,’ ​is apparently dropping it’s full 2nd season on Disney+ before most episodes even air.

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‘Gabby Duran & The Unsittables’ Canceled At Disney Channel; No Season 3

Disney Channel has fired their alien babysitter. Goodbye, Gabby Duran.

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Disney Linear Cable TV Channels Hemorrhaged Domestic Subscribers in 2021; Time To Shut Down 5 Channels Is Now

It’s time to shut down Disney’s failing TV channels in the USA. Their 2021 annual report proves the streaming era is here.

Just Roll With It Halloween Special Missing on Disney Plus
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Help Requested: ‘Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE!’ (2019 Halloween special); Numerous Halloween Specials Missing From Disney+ Hallowstream

The amount of missing content will only grow if we don’t work together to show Disney the value in correcting licensing issues.

Disney+ and Paramount+ Need To Exchange Notes
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Disney Plus Pivoting To In-Season Episodes Is Great – Unless You Value Classic Content.

Paramount+ has Nickelodeon. Disney+ has Disney Channel. Both could learn from each other.

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‘Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration’ Added To Disney+ Before It “Officially” Airs Tonight!

Why did Disney add a Disney Channel special before it even airs? Who knows. Just enjoy it while it lasts!

September Disney+ Library Breakdown
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Disney+ Monthly Library Breakdown: September 2021

Now that Disney has announced what is coming to Disney+ in September, let’s use our charts and stats to analyze how the library additions stack up.

Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion
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Disney Channel Announces Ultra Violet And Black Scorpion

Disney Channel has announced their next live action series starring Scarlett Estevez and J.R. Villarreal – Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion.

August Library Breakdown
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Disney+ Monthly Library Breakdown: August 2021

Here’s what’s coming in August to Disney+ – complete with our exclusive stats and charts!

Sonny With A Chance (2009) Spin-Off So Random (2011) Is Here! [Now Streaming on Disney Plus]
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Sonny With A Chance (2009) Spin-Off So Random (2011) Is Here! [Now Streaming on Disney Plus]

So Random is now streaming on Disney Plus!

Under Wraps
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‘Sneakerella’ Potentially Delayed Until 2022, Moving From Disney Plus to Disney Channel? (Timeline of Disney Channel vs Disney Plus) UPDATED

Signs point to Sneakerella being delayed and moving to Disney Channel from Disney+. This is far from the first time…

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Christmas…Again?! (2021) Sneak Peek Released – New Disney Channel Original Movie Starring Scarlett Estevez

Far from the mosquitos and sweat of Camp Kikiwaka, Scarlett Estevez has found a new role for…

Raven's Home
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BREAKING: Raven’s Home Renewed for Season 5

UPDATE June 21: We now know it’s officially happening and broke some shocking cast departures and story…