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Disney+ Will Not Fix Incorrect DCOM Or Cartoon Aspect Ratios, 32 Months Later

32 months after launch, Disney+ still hasn’t fixed many Day 1 problems. Cropping their titles is one of the most disappointing.

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ESPN Docuseries ’37 Words’ Streaming On Disney Plus USA June 21 And 28 [First Report]

Disney+ is getting same day releases of an upcoming ESPN docuseries celebrating 50 years of Title IX law which allowed more girls to play sports in school.

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Disney Plus Overlooks Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month In May, No Library Scheduled

The list of content scheduled for Disney Plus USA in May 2022 seems to have forgotten it’s AAPI Heritage Month. What could Disney add?

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Disney Plus Skipping 2 Content Release Days In May, Continuing Disappointing Precedent Set Last Week

Let’s talk about this new Disney+ content issue. Why are they skipping days? What should they do?

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After Skipping Disney Plus Content Additions Today, It’s Time For New Disney Streaming Leadership (And To Cancel)

Disney+ is full-on skipping days now. You getting your money’s worth, USA?

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How Disney Plus Can Help Fans Mourn Gilbert Gottfried (And How It Can’t)

Hollywood lost a comedy legend today. Fans looking to view his work on Disney+ will find half of it missing, but enough to appreciate.

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Is ESPN Plus Merging With Disney Plus? It’s The Right Choice.

Maybe we’re nuts… but does it seem like ESPN+ and Disney+ are getting ready to unite? Could the Disney Bundle finally get a much needed evolution?

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Disney Plus Has No Titles Scheduled For Friday. Will April 15th Be Their First Skipped Title Drop Day?

Is Disney+ really going to skip adding content on Friday? If so, why?

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Disney Plus Communications Continues To Sow Distrust And Confusion With Subscribers, Severe Mishandling Of April Content List

For the past few months, the lists Disney Plus communications send to the press have been highly unreliable. This is a bigger issue than it sounds like and is part of a larger problem with Disney’s’ marketing and communications.

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‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Maturity Rating Changed On Disney Plus USA

Here’s an interesting little quirk of Disney’s new parental controls (in USA).

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Everything New On Disney Plus In April 2022. Looks Like The Intern Forgot To Add Content.

A new all-time record for least library advertised in one month for the FOURTH month in a row. Two Fridays fully skipped! Enjoy ‘Moon Knight!’

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Winnie The Pooh And The Missing Disney Plus Library

Oh bother! Where is the Winnie the Pooh library on Disney Plus?

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5 Ways Disney+ Has Disrespected French Original ‘Weekend Family;’ Exploring Disney’s Continued Struggle With International Content

Disney Plus can’t figure out how to handle international content and originals.

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Everything New On Disney Plus In March 2022

An all-time record for least library in one month for the 3rd month in a row. Plenty of great originals from Disney who only seems capable of doing one or the other.

valentines day forgotten on disney plus february
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Disney Plus Forgot Valentine’s Day; February List Is Lacking Romance And A Classic ABC Special

What is Disney adding for Valentine’s Day in 2022? What would we have done differently?

disney plus forgot black history month
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Disney Plus Shuts Out Black History Month In 2022

After an excellent Black History Month in 2021, Disney forgot to show up in 2022.

new on disney plus february
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Everything New On Disney Plus In February 2022

An all-time record for least library in one month, beating last month’s record. Here are the 8 titles coming from this extremely unprofessional month.

secrets of sulphur springs season  coming to disney plus
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‘Secrets Of Sulphur Springs’ Season 2’s Disney+ Date No Longer A Secret

The breakthrough Disney Channel smash, ‘Sulphur Springs,’ ​is apparently dropping it’s full 2nd season on Disney+ before most episodes even air.

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10 Missing Titles Joe Earley Must Add To Disney+ In Black History Month

1 year after adding Brandy’s ultra-requested ‘Cinderella’ film, will Disney+ disappoint in Black History Month 2022? Here are 10 titles still missing from their “Celebrating Black Stories” collection.

upcoming disney plus feature revealed
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[Scoop] Disney Plus Is Building A New Feature Inspired By Netflix

What if we told you Disney Plus was developing an awesome new homescreen feature?

beatles get back is adult so why censor other titles
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‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Is Disney+ USA’s First Adult Title; Exposing Flawed Content Strategy And Past Censorship

Why can The Beatles drop f-bombs on Disney+, but Taylor Swift, Elisabeth Shue, and Billie Eilish cannot? Why are ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Free Solo,’ and ‘Splash’ censored?

shortsgiving coming to disney plus
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‘Big City Greens’ Special ‘Shortsgiving’ Coming To Disney+ November 5th (UPDATE – NEVERMIND)

We found another surprise title coming to Disney+ next week.. hope you like country humor.

Disney+ Removes 6 Films on October 1st
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Subscriber Concerns Over Disney+ Content Team Decisions Grow As Record-Setting 6 Titles Are Removed; Further Violating Consumer Trust. ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,’ ‘Eddie the Eagle,’ ‘Tomorrowland,’ ‘Bend It Like Beckham,’ ‘X-Men: Origins: Wolverine,’ & ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian’ Left October 1st

DIsney+ set a terrible record today, pulling 6 films. Most of which had only been added recently. 5 of which are Fox films.

doogie staying on hulu franchise remains split
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BREAKING NEWS: ‘Doogie Howser’ Renewed On Hulu; Disney Inexplicably Chooses To Keep On Separate Service From ‘Doogie Kamealoha’ Reboot

Somehow, someway, somebody at Disney said “let’s make sure people can’t watch ‘Doogie Howser’ and ‘Doogie Kamealoha’ on the same app and the rest said, “dope.”

Disney+ October Library Snubs
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Disney+ Snubs: October 2021

The list of library coming to Disney+ in October left off many titles, providing nothing for Hispanic Heritage Month or Walt Disney World 50th anniversary.

Coming to Disney Plus October 2021
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Disney+ Monthly Library Breakdown: October 2021

Our monthly library breakdown series continues as we analyze the new content coming October 2021 to Disney+.

october list errors
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“Coming To Disney+ In October” List Appears Riddled With Errors And Confusing Additions

Disney Plus released their list of content coming to the USA in October and it appears to be full of mistakes.

Just Roll With It Halloween Special Missing on Disney Plus
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Help Requested: ‘Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE!’ (2019 Halloween special); Numerous Halloween Specials Missing From Disney+ Hallowstream

The amount of missing content will only grow if we don’t work together to show Disney the value in correcting licensing issues.

Disney Needs To Remove Extras Section
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[Hot Take] Disney+ Extras Section Needs To Go Away

After recent events we have 4 good reasons for Disney+ to remove the Extras from titles.

Why Tiger Town Belongs on Disney Plus
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[Exclusive] Why ‘Tiger Town’ Belongs on Disney+, A Letter From Director Alan Shapiro

Director / Writer of ‘Tiger Town’ joins us for a special guest post on why the first Disney Channel Premiere film should be streaming on Disney+.