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disney plus removing most originals hulu a few
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Disney+ Removing The Majority Of Original Content On May 26 As Well As Many Hulu Originals And Catalog Titles

We have the most complete list available online of ~60 Disney+ and Hulu Originals Disney is removing on May 26 . Plus, additional catalog titles set to leave.

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Disney+ Falls Behind As All Competitors Stream Awards Shows. Could Disney+ Stream The Oscars In 2023?

Nearly every awards show is now streamed on the rights holder company’s streaming service. Disney ABC’s Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, is the outlier.

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The StreamClues Awards 2022

StreamClues awards the best series and films of 2022! Do you agree with our choices? If not, what did we miss?

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Every Streaming Service Has Unique Flaws Holding Them Back. Who Will Correct Them First?

Why is it that no streaming service can be perfect? We’ve identified the problems holding each service back.

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Many Of Comcast’s NBC, Bravo, And Telemundo Titles Are Leaving Hulu In September – Full List Revealed! [Exclusive]

Here is the preliminary list of Comcast / NBCUniversal content leaving Hulu in September. Subject to change.

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Hulu Library Continues To Shrink As CBS / Showtime, And IMAX Pacts End; Here’s What’s Leaving

Hulu is poised to lose a lot more content as deals with IMAX and CBS have now lapsed with more removals to come.

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Disney Plus Has Fewer YouTube Subscribers Than You’d Expect. Which Streaming Service Has The Least?

Disney+ should pass 1 million YouTube subscribers this year. How does Disney’s primary streaming service stack up…

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Is ESPN Plus Merging With Disney Plus? It’s The Right Choice.

Maybe we’re nuts… but does it seem like ESPN+ and Disney+ are getting ready to unite? Could the Disney Bundle finally get a much needed evolution?

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Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu – April 2022

The Kardashians and Lamorne Morris are coming to Hulu in April. Other than that, it’s a relatively quiet month. Lots of Disney films coming and going…

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Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu – March 2022

March continues Hulu’s dominance with 2 original films – ‘Fresh’ and ‘Dark Water.’ It also sees the premiere of original series ‘The Dropout’ and ‘Life and Beth.’

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Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu – February 2022

February 2022 is an amazing month for Hulu! It seems like Disney has shifted priorities.

galavant now streaming on hulu
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Disney Stealth-Dropped ‘Galavant’ On Hulu, Disregarding Creator, Cast, Crew, And Fan’s Calls To Stream On Disney Plus

At least in the Top 7 worst things Disney has done. We kid, but justice has not been served for ‘Galavant.’

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Hulu Quietly Added 24 Catalog Series In November And December

Why would Hulu not promote 24 missing library series finally arriving? Beats us! Check out the list.

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DejaView’s 2021 Disney Plus, Streaming, And TV Awards

It’s the 1st annual DejaView Disney Plus. Streaming, and TV Awards! What streaming services, films, and series did we consider the best?

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5 Disney Streaming Predictions And 5 Wishes For 2022, By DejaView Staff

Our staff gazed into a crystal ball, and we’re sharing our 5 predictions and 5 wishes for Disney Streaming Services in 2022.

new and leaving hulu january
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Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu – January 2022

Here is a list of everything coming and going from Hulu in January 2022! Hulu is definitely where Disney is putting their Disney Bundle effort…

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Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu – December 2021

Here is a list of everything coming and going from Hulu in December 2021!

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Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu – November 2021

Here is a list of everything coming and going from Hulu in November 2021!

TGIF Series Leaving Hulu
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[Exclusive] TGIF Series ‘Family Matters,’ ‘Full House,’ ‘Step by Step,’ ‘Hangin With Mr. Cooper,’ And ‘Perfect Strangers’ Leaving Hulu October 1st, Likely Headed To HBO Max

TGIF moving to HBO Max? Hulu is set to lose over 800 episodes of classic sitcoms including ‘Full House’ and ‘Family Matters.’

Doogie Howser Leaving Hulu?
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‘Doogie Howser’ Expiring From Hulu October 1, ‘Doogie Kamealoha’ Streams On Disney+; Will Content Team Finally Do Right With Classic Series?

With ‘Doogie Howser’ set to leave Hulu will it join its reboot on Disney+ or will Disney continue to withhold binge TV from their flagship service?

Gaming on Streaming Services?
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Do Streaming Services Need To Push Into Gaming?

Is it time for streaming services to do more than movies and TV? Is it time to play games?

The Tick Now Streaming on Hulu
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[Breaking] 90s Fox Kids Animated Series ‘The Tick’ Surprise Dropped on Hulu Today. Not Disney Plus. What Is Wrong With Disney’s Content Strategy?

‘The Tick’ is now streaming on Hulu… but why not Disney+?

Disney+ UI Lags Behind HBO Max and Netflix
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Disney+ User Interface Continues To Lag Behind HBO Max and Netflix

How does Disney+ user interface stack up against HBO Max, Netflix, Peacock, Paramount+, Hulu, and Prime Video? D

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Open Letter: Bones Is Expiring From Hulu – Disney Should Move It To Disney+

The following is an Open Letter to Disney+ executives and staff that we also sent via e-mail to numerous employees.

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iCarly Reboot NOW STREAMING on Paramount+ – What Happened to Lizzie McGuire?

On August 23, 2019, the internet exploded (along with the Anaheim Convention Center) at the news – Lizzie McGuire reboot coming to Disney+ – for her now grown-up fans! Of all the originals announced for Disney+, Lizzie’s received the most fanfare. It was the most talked about new series, the most covered, and the one Millennials were most excited about. When Disney made the bewildering decision early 2020 to part ways with original creator Terri Minsky mid-production and then pause production entirely, fans felt cheated.

Starz vs Star and Hulu vs Comcast
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Hulu and Star+ in Danger? Disney’s backed against a wall.

If you’ve been paying attention, Disney has had a couple bad days in the news. First, news broke via The Information that Comcast were not happy with Disney for abandoning their global Hulu rollout plans last summer and instead launching a 6th brand tile on Disney+ in most regions called “Star” to house the titles that would have been on Hulu.