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‘Sneakerella’ Potentially Delayed Until 2022, Moving From Disney Plus to Disney Channel? (Timeline of Disney Channel vs Disney Plus) UPDATED

Signs point to Sneakerella being delayed and moving to Disney Channel from Disney+. This is far from the first time…

Good luck Charlie
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iCarly is a Hit! Here are 5 Disney Channel Shows Disney Must Bring Back for Adults

In light of iCarly’s huge success for Paramount Plus, here are 5 Disney Channel shows (besides Lizzie McGuire) that need to be given the adult treatment!

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[Exclusive] Interview With “Save Lizzie McGuire” Campaign organizer

On the eve of Paramount+’s iCarly (2021) premiere, one can’t help but feel cheated by what could have been. Lizzie McGuire was supposed to be the grown-up reboot of a Millennial favorite serving as a new streaming service’s flagship series. Instead, Gen Z favorite iCarly gets to bring subscribers to Paramount+. That’s one victory for Gen Z over Millennials in the culture wars. And heck – iCarly is how Paramount+ won my subscription.