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fox 20th searchlight on hulu
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When Do Recent 20th Century Studios And Searchlight Pictures Theatrical Films Come To Hulu?

When do 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures films come to Hulu?

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[EXCLUSIVE] ‘Doctor Who’ Series 1-13 HBO Max Exit Date Revealed (USA)

DOCTOR WHO’s new episodes may begin airing on Disney+ this fall, but how long until they can stream the catalog?

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Disney+ Falls Behind As All Competitors Stream Awards Shows. Could Disney+ Stream The Oscars In 2023?

Nearly every awards show is now streamed on the rights holder company’s streaming service. Disney ABC’s Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, is the outlier.

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[Exclusive] Disney+ / Disney Channel Holiday Movie ‘The Naughty Nine’ Delayed, Releasing Holiday 2023!

Disney’s original holiday movie THE NAUGHTY NINE is not coming out in 2022.

100 titles for 100 years
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100 for 100: 100 Titles Disney Plus Should Add For Disney’s Centennial Celebration

What if Disney celebrated their 100th anniversary by adding 10 titles from each decade of business? We collaborated with you to create the ultimate list.

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Never Safe: Disney+ Censorship & Gatekeeping Continues; ‘Dinosaurs’ Episode Banned 19 Months Later

Disney+ just removed an episode of DINOSAURS. Add it to the list of ways they’ve undermined their own parental controls and adult subscribers.

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Disney+ Day And D23 – Staff Wishes

DejaView staff is excited for Disney+ Day and D23, though thoroughly prepared to be let down. Here are our hopes for content and announcements…

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ESPN Docuseries ’37 Words’ Streaming On Disney Plus USA June 21 And 28 [First Report]

Disney+ is getting same day releases of an upcoming ESPN docuseries celebrating 50 years of Title IX law which allowed more girls to play sports in school.

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Disney+ Basically Ceased Film Catalog Additions In 2022; Thousands Of Films Stranded In Vault

What has happened to the Disney+ film library in 2022? Subscribers wonder: why aren’t they adding movie catalog in USA?

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‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and ‘Doogie Howser’ Jumping From Hulu To Disney Plus (Exclusive)

DOOGIE HOWSER. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE. Disney+. Inside information on Disney’s general entertainment plans.

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Disney Plus Overlooks Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month In May, No Library Scheduled

The list of content scheduled for Disney Plus USA in May 2022 seems to have forgotten it’s AAPI Heritage Month. What could Disney add?

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After Skipping Disney Plus Content Additions Today, It’s Time For New Disney Streaming Leadership (And To Cancel)

Disney+ is full-on skipping days now. You getting your money’s worth, USA?

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Disney Plus Has Fewer YouTube Subscribers Than You’d Expect. Which Streaming Service Has The Least?

Disney+ should pass 1 million YouTube subscribers this year. How does Disney’s primary streaming service stack up…

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Disney Plus Hotstar Is Finally Inching Towards Release In The Philippines

Could it be? Is Disney+ finally coming to the Philippines?

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Disney Plus Has No Titles Scheduled For Friday. Will April 15th Be Their First Skipped Title Drop Day?

Is Disney+ really going to skip adding content on Friday? If so, why?

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Disney Plus Sets Fox’s ‘Kiss Of The Dragon’ As First Rated R Film To Stream In USA

Disney’s first R-rated film on Disney+ USA is a weird choice! Thank goodness it’s finally here.

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‘Just Beyond’ Likely Cancelled At Disney Plus, Although Hope Remains

Has ‘Just Beyond’ been sent to the Great Beyond?

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Disney Plus Censors ‘Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U,’ Sexism Continues To Loom Over Service

Fans were dismayed to hear (or not hear) Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic cussing in her musical documentary ‘driving home 2 u.’ For 2 years, Disney+ censorship has targeted women.

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[First Report] Most National Geographic Library Leaving Hulu March 22nd; Disney+ Receiving Full National Geographic Collection Along With New Parental Controls?

Nearly all National Geographic titles are leaving Hulu in 2 weeks. Disney+ USA is about to get good.

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5 Ways Disney+ Has Disrespected French Original ‘Weekend Family;’ Exploring Disney’s Continued Struggle With International Content

Disney Plus can’t figure out how to handle international content and originals.

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Disney Botched ‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’ Distribution, Leaving Stars Begging People Not To Spoil

Disney dropped ‘Sulphur Springs’ season 2 on Disney+ all at once, creating a spoilers problem. Why are next day episodes so hard to do?

disney plus wont fix captain sparky short
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Why Won’t Disney+ Fix ‘Captain Sparky Vs. The Flying Saucers?’ After Multiple Months Of Reports, A Disney+ Title Remains Unwatchable.

What do you do when you’re paying for a streaming service that broke a title months ago and hasn’t repaired it? Meet ‘Captain Sparky Vs. The Flying Saucers.’ Despite reports, it is broken.

bear in the big blue house coming to disney plus in
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‘Bear In The Big Blue House’ Coming To Disney+ In 2022

It looks like ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ is coming to Disney+ next year, but why does it matter? Our guest writer explains.

Bunk'd Renewed for Season 6
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[BREAKING] ‘Bunk’d’ Not Cancelled – Season 6 In Active Development

Is ‘Bunk’d’ really returning for a 6th season? Signs point to… maybe… yes?

new on peacock november 2021
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Everything Coming To Peacock – November 2021

Here is everything coming to Peacock in November. It’s.. a lot. Thanks, Epix.

whats new on paramount plus november 2021
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Everything Coming To Paramount+ – November 2021

Here is everything coming to Paramount+ in November. Spoiler: they forgot the missing Nickelodeon library.

coming to prime november 2021
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Everything Coming To And Leaving Prime Video – November 2021

Here is a list of everything announced to arrive on Amazon Prime Video in November. Tons of Disney content. Disney+ who?

disney plus november library breakdown
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Disney+ Monthly Library Breakdown: November 2021

Besides Ernest, The Muppets, and some beloved animated shorts, November is too shallow for an anniversary month. The #DisneyPlusDay lineup itself is good, but remember, this is a LIBRARY breakdown – Not ORIGINALS lineup.

netflix template
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Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix – November 2021

Here is everything coming to Netflix in November 2021 as well as everything leaving.

disney plus november 2021 list
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Everything Coming To And Leaving Disney Plus – November 2021

Here is everything announced for Disney+ in November 2021, including the Disney+ Day lineup. We have thoughts…