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Nearing 1 Year Anniversary, Star+ Fails To Deliver Content Goals, Caribbean Service

As Year 1 of Star+ wraps up in Latin America and Brazil, the dissatisfied subscribers are lamenting increased prices and empty catalog.

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5 Disney Streaming Predictions And 5 Wishes For 2022, By DejaView Staff

Our staff gazed into a crystal ball, and we’re sharing our 5 predictions and 5 wishes for Disney Streaming Services in 2022.

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3 Months After Disney’s Unpopular Star+ Service Launched, Caribbean Countries Remain In Dark

Star+ has been a disappointment for Disney. What does this mean for the Caribbean countries that remain Star-less?

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Disney+ User Interface (UI) Upgrades Expected Soon! Star+ Test-Driving New Features.

Disney’s recently launched Star+ service is a Disney+ clone with 4 primary upgrades. When will they come to Disney+?

Star+ Launches in 18 Countries
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Star+ Launches In Latin America; The Caribbean, Some South American Countries Left Empty-Handed

The Caribbean and parts of South America did not receive today’s fancy new Star+ launch. Why not, and when will they get it? Not clickbait – we don’t know.

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[EXCLUSIVE] Disney Plus and Star Plus Bundle in Latin America is Called Combo+

The name for Latin America’s upcoming Disney+ and Star+ bundle has been revealed exclusively to our site…

Starz vs Star and Hulu vs Comcast
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Hulu and Star+ in Danger? Disney’s backed against a wall.

If you’ve been paying attention, Disney has had a couple bad days in the news. First, news broke via The Information that Comcast were not happy with Disney for abandoning their global Hulu rollout plans last summer and instead launching a 6th brand tile on Disney+ in most regions called “Star” to house the titles that would have been on Hulu.