[Exclusive] ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ ‘Eragon,’ & ‘Garfield,’ Leaving Disney+ USA Again August 1; Fox Film Library Problems Continue

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It never ends. Guess what, Disney+ USA subscribers? Eragon is leaving Disney+ August 1st for over a year. That’s not all, we can also confirm Garfield (2004) and The Fault In Our Stars (2014) will leave at the same time. This is 2nd removal for all 3 films. As always, Disney Streaming will attempt to sneak it off quietly. Every other service respects you and tells you ahead of time. Every. OTHER. SERVICE.

That’s where we come in.

ERAGON is leaving Disney+… again.

Eragon is heading to Starz. Of course. Every month since launch Starz has pulled at least 1 Fox film. It’s absolutely flabbergasting how Michael Paull and his team have done nothing about this toxic library deal signed February 2019 (days before Disney took over) that lasts into 2025.

Starz controls literally HUNDREDS of classic Fox films. Disney does nothing. They bought out the deals for Marvel, Pixar, most Disney Pictures films (except the 2013-2015 ones), Star Wars, etc… but have done next to nothing with the Fox film library.

Why the heck this deal has not been bought or revised to make it non-exclusive is beyond any understanding. Especially from a company that recently paid 1 billion to Netflix to regain access to fewer than 20 titles.

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS is leaving Disney+… again.

As we’ve warned you for many months via Tweet and messages on our Fox Library page and Titles Removed page, The Fault in Our Stars is leaving once again. It previously left January 1, 2021 and returned September 25, 2021. This time it will be heading to HBO where it will stream in the “Pay 2” window until late 2023 at which point it might return to Disney+.

GARFIELD is leaving Disney+… again.

Oh, and Garfield (2004) is heading to HBO as well. It feels like it JUST returned from its 1 year at Starz and a subsequent 3-month stay at Hulu, but this is how the Fox library goes in USA. This is the potentially long-term reality. Fox films bouncing between 1+ year stays at Starz and HBO with short bursts at Prime Video and Hulu in between.

Flicka just left for HBO, but it was not even a year ago that it returned from its first removal and a year at Starz.

Fox Is Not Treated Like Disney

Michael Paull, show the Fox library the respect you showed your own library. Kevin Mayer left you the blueprint and to this day he STILL talks about how proud he was of it in interviews.

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Upcoming Exits

In case you haven’t heard us all the times we’ve tweeted it this year, X-Men Days of Future Past is also leaving this summer. It may leave with those other 3 films August 1st. It may leave September 1st. Either way, it’s toast.

We can also confirm The Book of Life, Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb, and Jingle All The Way 2, will be leaving this summer / fall.

We’re just craughing here as we watch the Fox film library deplete to nothing. What even is the Disney+ USA library in 2022? ESPN 30 for 30 docs?

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