‘Turner & Hooch’ Canceled At Disney+; No Season 2

turner and hooch cancelled at disney plus

Darn this story for having to exist.

The surprisingly enjoyable Turner & Hooch series created by Matt Nix is done. Matt may as well just steer clear of Disney TV. First The Gifted, now this. Let the man finish his stories!

Actor Brandon Jay McLaren who played the stand-out, surfer-cop, X (Xavier) implied the show had come to a conclusion via his Twitter. After some digging around we were able to verify that, sadly, the show has indeed ended and it looks like they were informed a few weeks ago.

The writing was on the wall when Disney+ coldly ignored the series during Disney+ Day despite it being prime time to announce a renewal. We’re saddened to report that all signs point to Diary of a Future President already been cancelled as well, although we are not able to verify that news at this moment. It’s a far cry from Netflix who (before getting a cancel-happy reputation) was known for running their early shows for a while. Disney+, a service with severe content issues and barely any variety in USA, is making some odd decisions by throwing out half the series they premiered this year. We wouldn’t hold our breath for a continuation of Doogie Kamelaoha either.

What Was It About? 

Turner & Hooch continued the story from Tom Hank’s classic 1989 buddy-cop film of the same name. This time, his son Scott (Josh Peck) and his daughter Laura are investigating the case their dad died trying to solve. The show was delightful with an incredible supporting cast including the aforementioned Xavier, Scott’s former partner relegated to desk duty during her pregnancy, Jessica (Carra Patterson), and the lovelorn dog trainer, Erica, played adorably by Vanessa Lengies.


Farewell, Scott. Farewell, Hooch.

Thanks to our Data Director Greg for the heads up.

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