16 TV Shows With Episodes Out Of Order On Disney+

Last Updated: August 3, 2023: Literally no progress in a year because they do not respect subscribers.

Over the past 3 years of Disney+ we’ve been immensely disappointed by many things, including their handling of episode order issues. Despite countless reports on mistakes that have existed since 2019, they only fix 1-2 older issues a year. Most of these mistakes involve only 2 episodes swapped so it’s not like we’re asking a lot. Even more frustrating, many of these fixes are Disney+’s or Disney’s fault.

One common bug we’ve seen more than 6 times now since launch is that episodes which aired on the same day are swapped in their order. These story-damaging mistakes rarely get fixed. When the same series is posted for sale digitally on Prime Video and Google Play and the order issues do not exist there, that REALLY reflects poorly on Disney+.

Our efforts here have weeded out episode order mistakes that do not impact the storylines as we don’t care. Even with this small amount it’s still unlikely we seem more than a few more ever fixed unless new leadership prioritizes fixing existing errors. If they spent a day fixing things this list could be eradicated at once.

Errors Fixed Elsewhere (Disney+ Looks Bad)

1) Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012)

The current episodes 1-2 (The Breakout Part 1 and 2) should be episodes 6 and 7.

Episodes 1 and 2 are actually 6 and 7.

These fixes are all present on Prime Video.

2) Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006-2010)

Episode 3 (Doomsday) is actually the first episode, the pilot. Their own DVD release is in the proper order.

3) Iron Man Armored Adventures(2008-2010)

The show’s current Episode 5 (Crimson Dynamo) and Episode 6 (Whiplash) should be switched in order. it literally gives fans whiplash to travel back in time between the two episodes. This is victim to Disney+’s “wrong order for episodes that aired same day” bug.

Once again, Prime Video has it correct.

4) Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

Don’t know about you, but FINAL Curtain sure sounds like a series finale, doesn’t it? Oh, it is. “First Steps” is out of place.

Guess who got it right? Netflix! It should be episode 18.

Netflix has First Steps as episode 18, not 26.

Errors That Involve Pilots or Finales [Highest Priority]

1) Bonkers (1993-1994)

Episodes 46 and 47 (Going Bonkers Part 1 and 2) should be re-ordered as the pilot episodes. They are the introduction to the characters and show.

Introducing the Bonkers characters in episode 46? Makes sense.

2) Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (1989-1990)

Episodes 13-17 (“Rescue Rangers to the Rescue”) should be re-ordered as the pilot episodes 1-5. They are the introduction to the characters and show, originally aired as movie event. Even more depressing, the reboot released in July 2022 and still wasn’t enough for them to move the pilot story earlier than 13 episodes into the series.

Rescue Rangers is out of order

3) Darkwing Duck (1991-1992)

Season 1 episodes 29 and 30 (Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 1-2) are pilot episodes and should be reordered as episodes 1 and 2. They are the introduction to the characters and show, originally aired as a movie event.

Darkwing Duck’s pilot eepisodes are listed as 29 and 30. Great.

4) Even Stevens (2000-2003)

Season 1 episode 19 (A Weak First Week) should be listed as Episode 1, it introduces the characters / story. The series is currently in neither air order nor production order anyway, so something went wrong. This episode didn’t air first, but it is the pilot. Even the last name is different and so is the actress playing the mom. Please fix a longtime fan complaint by moving this episode to #1 and doing what Disney Channel was too silly to do – start with the pilot.

5) Fish Hooks (2010-2013)

The current Episode 4 (Bea Stays in the Picture) should be listed first, it introduces the characters as the pilot. Episode 13 of Season 3 (The Big Woo) should be reordered to the last one, as it is the series finale.

Much like Lizzie McGuire, the characters graduate in the series finale (seen here as #13). Also like Lizzie McGuire, Disney+ lists multiple episodes after the story ends. Weee.

6) Hercules: The Animated Series (1998-1999)

The show’s current Episode 12 (Hercules and the First Day of School) aired as the pilot and should be Episode 1. After all, he can’t have his first day after 11 episodes of already being in school… it’s not framed as a flashback. It’s the literal pilot.

The Hercules pilot is listed as episode 12

7) Kim Possible (2002-2007)

Episode 4, “Tick Tick Tick” is actually the pilot. This is the correct chronological order. If Disney wanted to do longtime fans a solid they’d use the script order that fans compiled and throw out their air order.

The Kim Possible pilot aired 4th, but it literally introduces the damn story and I watched it to confirm. Move it to #1.

8) Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004)

The current Season 1 Episode 4 (Pool Party) should be episode 1. Season 2 episode 24 (Bye Bye Hillridge Junior High) should be season 2 episode 34 (the series finale). Also, subscribe to Paramount+ and watch iCarly reboot. Show Disney what they lost by cancelling Lizzie’s reboot.

Like Fish Hooks, Disney+ has multiple episodes listed after the graduation-themed series finale that leads into the movie. So frustrating.

9) Phil of the Future (2004-2006)

Season 1 episode 10 (Future Tutor) is the pilot, so it should be reordered as episode 1. It introduces the show and its characters. Notice a trend here with the episode orders? Almost always it’s a pilot being mid-season. FIX THEM PLEEEASE.

The story begins… in episode 10. Sigh.

Errors That Impact Storyline, But Do Not Include Pilot or Finale

1) Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go (2004-2006)

Two episodes are currently misplaced. Season 1 episode 26 (Skeleton King Threat) should be between 23 and 24. In season 2, episodes 9 (Big Lug) and 10 (Meet the Wigglenog) need to be flipped. After Disney+ Hotstar revealed the original airdates fans were able to confirm Disney’s database is wrong. Since it’s their mistake, they should fix it soon but it’s been over a calendar year since they uploaded it wrong and still we wait.

It’s so easy – the “meeting” takes place in 9, not 10. Swap these two!!

2) Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012)

Current Episode 10 (Pop Me and We Both Go Down) should be between Episodes 1 and 2. Justin has to meet his girlfriend before they date, not after.

Justin asks a girl out in episode 10. But he’s already dating her in episode 2. C’MON!

3) X-Men: Evolution (2000-2003)

Season 3 episode 13 (Cruise Control) should be between episodes 9 and 10.  It was not produced as the season finale and takes place mid-season.

X-Men Evolution is yet another example of Disney+ listing midseason stories after a season finale.